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Autumn Bouquet Fail

By Heather, Dollar Store Crafts


Last Fall, I made an Autumn Wreath using found materials. I thought I could make an Autumn bouquet with found materials that would be a cute accent on my fence.

I used a paper bag and put some gathered yard clippings in it. I envisioned a rustic-looking bouquet in a paper bag and fastened with a bow. That didn’t exactly work, so I decided to try to go Martha Weddings on the bouquet and try a decorative yarn lacing effect. The resulting “cornucopia” shape is pretty unsightly.


I just tossed this one into the trash can after I snapped photos of it. Not all your craft ideas are winners, and it’s important to realize that! Twelve inches of laced-up paper bag just isn’t gonna be very cute no matter what you do with it. And that’s not a bush behind the bouquet in the photo – that’s part of the bouquet! A pruned branch from a bush in my yard!

Please, insert your snarky comment here.

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