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Baby Viking hat FAIL

By Andrea – StuffSheMakes

I have this unwritten rule that I NEVER break. It’s that I don’t do things that can/should be worn. The funny thing is that I can actually make some very complicated and what some people might consider to be advanced things WITHOUT patterns and make them look really good!!! But for whatever the reason, I just can’t do clothing. Even the simplest things. Case in point – a hat for a baby.

It's not supposed to look like a Hershey's kiss

It's not supposed to look like a Hershey's kiss

I belong to ravelry and the other day I happened to see a picture of someone else’s baby wearing a viking hat with yellow braids!!! They had knitted it but I don’t knit because (and I maintain this belief) knitting is too hard for me to do. So, I went looking for a crochet pattern for this baby viking hat with braids that I just HAD to have and make and I couldn’t find one. Not easily deterred, I decided that, “Hey! It can’t be all THAT hard, right? I mean it’s just a simple hat with horns on it and a couple of braids! It’s no biggie!!!” Well, I was wrong. And how easily I forget my longstanding rule that I shouldn’t be making clothing EVER because the rules don’t apply to me, right?

As you can see from the picture above, my semi-finished project is far from the viking hat that it should be on top of the fact that it doesn’t even fit over my daughter’s head!!! She was a good sport about it though and I – again, breaking my rule of this whole business that I need to stay far away from making clothing – am going to try making it with a pattern of some sort instead. Because – remember? The rules absolutely don’t apply to ME!!!

I’m not making any promises but I’m hoping that at least next time around it fits her even if it doesn’t look good.

4 Responses to Baby Viking hat FAIL

  1. Betsie says:

    Turn it upside down, add a handle, and you made a non-wearable purse! =)

    Betsie’s last blog post..Tea for Mrs. Rachel

  2. cindc says:

    Can you block it to make it bigger? Usually I have the opposite problem and my knitwear turns out too big, which is harder to fix.

  3. Jessica says:

    This isn’t a viking hat, but could be a good start for what you’re looking for.
    I’ve always thought this pattern was cute, though I haven’t tried it myself. Now I may just have to. :) You’d have to find a copy of that pattern book, but it might just be worth it!

    Jessica’s last blog post..18 month well check

  4. Kelley says:

    “Too Cute Crochet For Babies and Toddlers” is the book. It’s a good one – small projects that you can complete in a day or two (or three).
    The patterns are mostly cutesy hats for babes (a strawberry hat, an acorn hat, an elf hat with a beard chin strap).

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