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Cupcake Flower Fail

by Shoveling Ferret

One of the few craft fails I have photos of was a gift for my husband.  I saw this wonderful idea for a cupcake bouquet (from here, if you’re interested) and decided I wanted to make one for his birthday.  He wound up having to take me to buy all of the component parts (I can’t drive anymore and all friends with cars were unavailable), but he had no idea what I was planning [insert evil laugh here].

So, after he went to bed the night before his birthday, I whipped out all the parts for the cupcake bouquet and, with the help of our dog, Oreo, put it all together, wasn’t it pretty?  (Some of the foam was showing, but whatever, it was like 2 AM by that point)

Cupcake Bouquet InCarnation 1.0 Side View

Then, because Oreo loves the scent of flowers, and I thought he might like to check it out, I set it on the couch so he could see it:

It smells purty

You can probably guess what happened next…

Behold, Oreo is become Death, Destroyer of Flower Cupcakes!

The result of not making sure the Oasis foam was good and consolidated, cutting the carnation stems a bit too close, letting Oreo check it out and then turning my back. The worst thing was he decided that since the carnations smelled good they must taste good so he kept trying to steal them. Gently, mind you – he sort of lipped them – but still, I was trying to keep water-logged Oasis foam crumbles from falling all over, water from seeping into the couch cushions, and trying to hold off the dog without waking my husband up by either yelling or giggling uncontrollably.

Anyway, I finally managed to get Oreo to give up on the carnations (I think I tossed a toy to the far side of the room for him) and reconstructed the flower cupcake. I didn’t dare leave it on the couch as I’d planned, though, because even though Oreo sleeps the bed with us, he usually gets up with my husband in the morning and I was worried Oreo would get to the cupcake before my husband would. I wound up putting it on a shelf and leaving a note on the TV telling him where to find it. So, not a total failure, but it was a near thing.

Cupcake Bouquet InCarnation1.1 Side View

Oreo and his adventures feature fairly prominently in my blog, for those who wish to see what other trouble he gets up to besides trying to eat flowers, steal my yarn, sleep on crochet projects as I’m making them, and otherwise keeping me highly entertained.

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