Moustache Fail

By Heather, Dollar Store Crafts and CROQ Zine

Sure, everyone knows you can use #6 plastic (the kind in takeout containers) to make your own shrinky dinks. But did you know that they make black #6 plastic trays, and that they don’t shrink the same way as the clear trays?

See above, the enormous difference between the 5-1/2 inch moustache before shrinking, and the 5-1/4 inch moustache after shrinking! (My spell check is telling me “mustache” is right, but I like “moustache” so I’m sticking with it, red dots be darned.)

We had a huge black plastic catering tray (and clear lid) that were both #6 plastic, ideal for shrinking in the oven. I did a few little experiments with the clear lid (also worth posting – they warped badly. I’ll see if I can find the pics for another post. Oh wait! Dot already posted her own shrinky fail.) and then cut into the black tray. It was thicker, and also I have never seen anyone post about using the black plastic before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect!

The ridges on the tray made me think of moustaches, so I cut a couple out and punched holes in them. The black plastic behaved differently than the clear plastic. Clear plastic shrinks to about 1/3 its original size. The black plastic warped a bit, and didn’t shrink much. (Hey, spellcheck likes “moustaches” so maybe I need to include the full “es” on the end of the word in order to use it correctly).

Can this moustache be saved?

I strung it onto a ribbon and made it into an “opera moustache” (similar to opera glasses on a chain, but you can wear a moustache when it’s called for instead).

6 Responses to Moustache Fail

  1. Mary says:

    Never leave home without your opera moustache. That’s my motto.

    Mary’s last blog post..Honey, I think this antenna gave me heartburn.

  2. Sabra says:

    Well, if it’s any consolation my 5-year-old likes it. :)

    Sabra’s last blog post..The Barbie Float

  3. Notagirlymom says:

    I like it. As The Teeny Weeny Little Superguy would say “Craaaazy moustache!”

  4. raereathejetplane says:

    In my area the containers that sushi come in are made of plastic 6 but only the bottoms. The bottoms are black and have beautifully printed designs. I cut out the round shapes and some strips. They didn’t shrink much smaller and the shape warped slightly in some but there was still success…So to other crafters out there: Don’t fear the black plastic.

  5. M says:

    I think some of the #6 plastic containers are actually stamped or pressed into a mold. This causes some areas to be thicker or thinner than others, especially where there are folds, ridges, texture, corners, etc. I’ve tried using similar types of pieces from those sorts of areas with clear #6 and it didn’t turn out as hoped.

    I tried using the #6 foam trays before. That did not work well. It became super brittle.

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