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Mushroom Cloud Soap Fail

By Heather, Dollar Store Crafts

I never made much melt & pour soap. Maybe this shining example of a soapy holocaust contributed to my sense of failure when it came to M&P. This soap was supposed to be a simple two-level soap (with an exfoliant). Clear green soap, poppy seeds, and a murky periwinkle.

First of all, let’s just examine the color choices. Had nothing gone awry, the colors are ugly. Who wants periwinkle soap? I guess I was trying to match the colors to the scent blend (green apple anise… I got the idea from some Japanese gum I liked), but had the soap turned out, it still would have been a fail because of the uninspired color choices.

Second, poppy seeds? Clearly I can’t help throwing everything but the kitchen sink in a batch of soap (as in the Spam soap, when I used paprika AND parsley flakes in the batch).

Third, the messed-up effect of the two colors of soap co-mingling looks like a mushroom cloud after the bomb was dropped. Those tiny little poppy seed people didn’t have a chance. Some of them even went up into the mushroom cloud. Those poor vaporized opiates.

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