Spam Soap Fail

One of my first cold process soap making sessions yielded this highly attractive soap that, once cut into bar form, just happened to look like a slice of Spam. Beautiful pink tint (marbled with white?) and with bits of parsley in it.

Here’s my original blog post from 2004 about this soap fail:

Remember the herbaciously cheesy looking second batch of soap I made?  The one I colored with paprika and then couldn’t help myself from adding parsley to?

Well, I had to leave for Prescott before I could see what it turned out like.

It is horrible! I think it turned out (didn’t crumble, at least), but it looks like spam with green parsley bits in it — spam loaf, I guess.

It’s so ugly, I am not sure what I will do with it.  It’s not fit to give to anyone as a gift (and it won’t be ready until the last of December, anyway, because it has to cure for 4 weeks)

It makes me ill just looking at it.  Much like a real piece of spam would.

It doesn’t smell like Spam, though.

Actually, I ended up saving this soap fail by putting a Spam-looking label on it and giving it to the guys in my family for Christmas. They thought it was funny, and it still worked like soap.

The label said “Spam Soap: when you want to wash your hands with what appears to be potted meat.”

27 Responses to Spam Soap Fail

  1. planetjune says:

    Haha – good save!

    planetjune’s last blog card survey results

  2. I think I bought some of that from you (or maybe you included it free with a purchase). LOL It was awesome.

  3. Melayla says:

    gosh – that turned out great. Its hard to find guy gifts :D

  4. Stephanie says:

    That is fabulous! I think that it’s actually success… it’s an ingenious gift for guys in the family (especially teenage boys!)

    Stephanie’s last blog post..Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Composting

  5. he he. That’s so funny – it really does look like Spam. Love the way you gave it away as gag gifts !!

    Christine – Little Diva’s last blog post..DIY Bunnies on sale

  6. What resilience!!!!!!!!! I’m jealous!!!

  7. That’s hilarious – I would have at least bought it as a gag gift for people.

    Shoveling Ferret’s last blog post..My new favorite Egyptology news source

  8. Elizabeth says:

    amazing save!

    Elizabeth’s last blog post..Easter Cards

  9. Donna says:

    See, I don’t think that’s a fail at all–I would buy that for my husband, he’d get such a kick out of it.

    Donna’s last blog post..

  10. Mary says:

    That label cracks me up!

    I probably would have thrown it away because:

    a. I’m not clever enough to come up with a funny label like that


    b. I’m not very green.


    Mary’s last blog post..Craptabulous Tuesday – Easter Eggs

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  13. bpod says:

    I would buy these for my Hawai’ian friends – Spam capital of the world! You could make a fatty fortune with these there ;-)

  14. Sarah says:

    I kind of love this. Maybe it didn’t turn out exactly as planned but it’s a happy accident for sure, and the addition of the label is pretty genius. Totally not a fail!

    Sarah’s last blog post..My strange preoccupation with napkins

  15. mmmfiber says:

    Nice save! That gal is quick on her feet!

    mmmfiber’s last blog post..Flower Pin – Teal and Tomato

  16. Angela says:

    Spam soap is awesome! It kind of reminds me of Fight Club.

    Angela’s last blog post..Cool Thing du Jour! A Knitting Wedding Cake

  17. Ashlee Deetz says:

    I giggled when I read the label.

    I honestly think that this is one of those items that would make a killing on etsy.

    Potted meat soap = love

    Ashlee Deetz’s last blog post..Letters to the nameless people in my life

  18. Liezel says:

    I laughed so hard I think I wet myself! I truly think you could make some major cash with this idea on etsy! Spam is a complete joke but people still eat it and that’s what makes it so funny! Potted meat that is killer!

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  20. Henna Crone says:

    Brilliant!!! LOL!!!

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  22. Cameron says:

    I should have closed the door to my office before I read this post. Because the people across the hall probably think I am developing a seizure/hysteria disorder. There are tears streaming down my face and I am still laughing out. Thank you, thank you for sharing this Craft FAIL.

    Cameron’s last blog post..Rounding up the usual suspects

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  24. Dale says:

    Your Spam soap reminds me of a soap which resulted when I was doing a rebatch and decided to combine several soaps/shades into one. The stuff had a lumpy/bumpy surface and color which both reminded me of raw hamburger.

    When it was fully dry, the color became darker, sort of like skin after a too long day at the beach–not quite sunburn-red but definitely not healthy looking. And of course, every time I get it wet that lovely raw hamburger shade reasserts itself!

    I can’t use my Hamburger soap up too soon! ;-)

  25. Teressa says:

    I’m laughing so hard that the tears won’t stop rolling down my cheeks. This soap is amazing. I’m betting you could sell a bundle of it on those Geek sites… and if you took it to Hawaii – wowza! Just think how happy spam would be be to have it’s very own soap! ROFLMAO

    Tee – Love it!

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  27. Olin Setlock says:

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