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Spam Soap Fail

One of my first cold process soap making sessions yielded this highly attractive soap that, once cut into bar form, just happened to look like a slice of Spam. Beautiful pink tint (marbled with white?) and with bits of parsley in it.

Here’s my original blog post from 2004 about this soap fail:

Remember the herbaciously cheesy looking second batch of soap I made?  The one I colored with paprika and then couldn’t help myself from adding parsley to?

Well, I had to leave for Prescott before I could see what it turned out like.

It is horrible! I think it turned out (didn’t crumble, at least), but it looks like spam with green parsley bits in it — spam loaf, I guess.

It’s so ugly, I am not sure what I will do with it.  It’s not fit to give to anyone as a gift (and it won’t be ready until the last of December, anyway, because it has to cure for 4 weeks)

It makes me ill just looking at it.  Much like a real piece of spam would.

It doesn’t smell like Spam, though.

Actually, I ended up saving this soap fail by putting a Spam-looking label on it and giving it to the guys in my family for Christmas. They thought it was funny, and it still worked like soap.

The label said “Spam Soap: when you want to wash your hands with what appears to be potted meat.”

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