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Sweater Inferno

by Kim Werker

Sweater Inferno: Knitting FAIL

This is the first sweater I ever knit, clearly not to completion. Why not to completion? Because after I assembled the first sleeve and started on the second and then tried on the sweater, I discovered to my horror that the thing weighs as much as a knee-length coat and is hotter than Phoenix in August.

Sweater FAIL

I thought it was silly to use smaller needles to knit the mock-rib edging, since ribbing pulls in, right? Um, no. This edging flares. Mock-rib FAIL.

Mock turtleneck? Thought that idea was faboo. Style FAIL.

Raglan sleeves? The completed one is way too tight in the armpit. Raglan FAIL.

Knowing I’d never wear the thing, I left it on a shelf, incomplete, for over five years. Closure FAIL.

At least this post makes me feel like I’ve kept it around this long for good reason. Next up: ripping it out.

12 Responses to Sweater Inferno

  1. Prue says:

    I love the colour though!

    Prue’s last blog post..Slightly more than window shopping

  2. Leslie says:

    I feel your pain, has to at least be cardis for me..

    Leslie’s last blog post..What Colour is Your Rainbow?

  3. It looks pretty good… all your listed fails notwithstanding! Love the photo of you in it.

  4. Kim Werker says:

    @Prue – I love the colour, too. After I rip it, I’ll use that yarn for something new, for sure.

    @Heather – Thanks. The fit, other than in the pits, was a definite win, and I was proud of that for my first sweater. For subsequent projects, though, I’ve stuck with very lightweight yarn!

    Kim Werker’s last blog post..Redirecting Energy

  5. Mary says:

    At first I thought it weighed 28.5 pounds! lol.

    I like the color! :)

    Mary’s last blog post..A Last Supper Post for Shelley.

  6. Allison M says:

    Thanks for the good laugh this morning. I was literally brought to tears(pregnant and especially emotional). I have never undertaken any project like this at all, but feel your pain. Nice color though.

  7. Lars says:

    Make the sleeves into leg/arm warmers?

  8. The first hat I knit my husband is also only appropriate for wearing on days where the temperature is below 0 F. Imagine super bulky yarn knit on size 8 needles. Learning about gauge can be a tough lesson.

    The Reluctant Craftster’s last blog post..No Photos Please

  9. Shannon says:

    And despite the overall fail, the style is super-cute and it’s a great color on you. Definitely frog the thing and reuse that yarn!

  10. Sewicked says:

    I don’t know, if you plan to visit the arctic, this would be a great sweater. Even if it’s heavy, if it’s not too bullky, it could work instead of a coat. Shame about that sleeve fit, though.

  11. emily says:

    if the sleeve were finished, I’d totally wear this. I’m always cold anyhow!

  12. Kate Lang says:

    I must have an awful sense of style… I LOVE it, and would probably wear it out! :)

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