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Bad skin day hat

By lilylola

This started as a lovely felted hat from the Happy Hooker book. It was all going well, nice easy pattern, for once I used the right wool and size hook instead of thinking I know better than the designer (“I know! I’ll use garden twine instead of that baby angora then I’ll get something more hard wearing, be fine if I just change the hook size…”)
So feeling quite proud of it I threw it in the washing machine for the felting stage and THIS is what came out.


100% wool MY BUM!

14 Responses to Bad skin day hat

  1. DarkWaterSong says:

    Well….look at it this way, at least you have a good looking lamp shade.

  2. Katamommy says:

    LOL That is awesome!

  3. Wasn’t there a character on Fat Albert with a hat like that? (Am I advertising my age now?)

    It still looks really cool, just not so much as a hat. :)

    Shoveling Ferret’s last blog post..Wow, just when I thought I couldn’t possibly think less of him

  4. KateCake says:

    Heheheh…Mush mouth…

    KateCake’s last blog post..The Power of Grease Compels Me

  5. Leslie says:

    Hmmmm? Very Interesting…

    Leslie’s last blog post..Here’s Another Blog to Check Out!

  6. shawn says:

    Hmmm. I totally commiserate with you. White wool doesn’t felt as well as colored because it has been bleached. The process doesn’t quite make it superwash, but it becomes smoother and so doesn’t stick to itself like an unbleached yarn. You can try running it through the drier or going through the wash again. But it won’t shrink as much as the directions call for. They really should warn you about this in the directions. It’s not like it’s a new problem. Line it with fabric, make some ribbon straps and call it a handbag!

  7. Notagirlymom says:

    LOL…you just need a bigger head, that’s all.

  8. Lilylola says:

    HA! Most people would say my head is QUITE big enough already.

  9. liezel says:

    Sorry about the hat! It happened to me once. 1) was the wool superwash? b/c that was my problem. 2) I have been told that whites never felt well.

  10. marybt says:

    I am cracking up about “garden twine”. Oh my gosh!

    I’m going to have to take up knitting so I can get funny like you all.

    marybt’s last blog post..Because EVERY kid looooves broccoli rabe.

  11. andrea says:

    um, yeah, white wool doesn’t felt. it still looks pretty! :) (can you see thru it?) ~maybe you could sell it to a celebrity?

    andrea’s last blog post..Patagonian felted wool bowls set of 2

  12. Kim says:

    Never listen to what needle the designer recommends!! Trust me, I’m one of them and I knit SO loose I always am two sizes smaller than “normal”

    Kim’s last blog post..New Year Resolution

  13. Sewicked says:

    Rolled brim hat? Lampshade? Yeah, I got nothing. But it’s pretty.

  14. cathy g says:

    fold it back where it looks good, and tack it down with the matching string or floral pins. love the pattern! wish I could follow pattern directions!!

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