Fun Food Fail

By Heather Mann, Dollar Store Crafts (crafting for Little Nummies)

Little Nummies is this great site founded by my friend Kellie. It’s all about having fun with food and making fun food for your kiddos to eat. I occasionally contribute to the blog. A lot of experimentation goes into making fun food that is actually FUN! Here are some of my attempts that weren’t Nummie-worthy.


This little vehicle here looks like something Fred Flintstone USED to drive. The marshmallow propping up the axle of the front tire just makes me think of a sad jalopy sitting in someone’s front yard.


Turns out graham crackers and marshmallows MIGHT not be the right thing to use to make Little Nummies! This weird animal looks like a dog, but the collar says “cool cat.” The marshmallows are orange flavored and colored, but are more reminiscent of cheese puffs, and the whole thing is falling apart as I shoot photos. The tail is falling off, the head is leaning to the side. In moments, it will be a puddly mess of unappetizing orange marshmallows, graham cracker, marshmallow creme, and Valentine candy.


File this one under “What the Food??” In my quest to create Nummies, I try to incorporate healthy food whenever possible. The idea is to creatively entice kids to eat foods that are good for them! They don’t need extra enticement to eat candy! This “animal” is the result of an unfortunate genetic experiment crossing an alien with a giraffe and a crab, and throw a little banana in there somewhere. I have no idea what the candy corn mouth is doing… it just looks totally weird and gross. It looked even worse in person, as the banana began to get brown and slimy as I took pictures of it.


It’s fun to use your fried eggs as a base for nummies. I like to see if the shape/shading reminds me of anything and then create an image from there. This one looks like a weirdly stylized comic duck to me, but it’s too scary and weird to actually serve to your kid, let alone to share with the world.

8 Responses to Fun Food Fail

  1. LOL!!! I have a TON of Nummie Fails!!!! :)

    I should submit them to you!!! Too funny!!

    ~ Kellie ~

  2. Mary says:

    See how, on the banana giraffe, the one front leg is more forward and the other one is raised up a little?

    It makes it look like it’s actually walking! lol.

    I didn’t think the last one was scarey at all! Well, except for putting ketchup on eggs…

    I need to post my failed scrabble tiles this week. Note to self.

    Mary’s last blog post..Some Stitching and a Birdhouse

  3. Notagirlymom says:

    Sweet. Love the fail.

  4. krissy says:

    I like the last one, LOL! I think a kid would eat it! At least the kids I know, LOL!

    krissy’s last blog post..Blog’s 5 Year Anniversary

  5. Felicity says:

    I laughed so hard I cried, and my husband came in to see why I was laughing so hard and he reacted the same way. Then he said “it’s nice to have a hobby where even failures are good for something.” Just part of the whole recycle-resuse thing I guess….

  6. Hena Tayeb says: creative. i love the banana animal. very clever and i imagine a whole lotta fun.

  7. Seriously have not laughed this hard in a long time! especially with the “What the Food?” phrase!

    awesome fail!

    Craft Fail is my new “must see” every day!

    oh, and I have a few up my sleeve to share!

  8. Tiffany says:

    Okay – I am rolling in the floor laughing at this site – at least I am not the only one with a box of failures taunting me from the closet. And my daughter walks up behind me to see what is so funny – and all she said is “yummy – those look cool”. hahahahaha

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