The Pants Don’t Fit Fail

By Heather Mann, Dollar Store Crafts

I made shorts for my boys out of a dish towel, which was awesome! I love the concept, which is definitely solid, and these turned out so cute! My problem? I didn’t measure anything or use a pattern of any sort. The result?

Uh, mom, these pants don’t fit!

They didn’t work on my two year-old. So I put them on my one year-old, and they were a bit tight but still fit over his diaper. I sent him to grandma’s house sporting his new shorts (but I included a pair of pajama pants in the diaper bag, just in case).

Sure enough, RIP CITY. The pants split down the middle.

Moral of the story? There are a couple. One, buy the biggest dish towels you can to make shorts out of (or buy two to allow ample material). Two, measure twice before you cut! Measure the kid, and measure the fabric!

8 Responses to The Pants Don’t Fit Fail

  1. ah,yes. i too, have made this mistake,not once but TWICE on the same project.

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  2. Kathy V. says:

    Also, the weave of the fabric is important. Sometimes the weave on the dish towels is too big and they rip out easier. Pants need that little extra in the back to fit well.

  3. Mike Turner says:

    That is HILARIOUS! But you get points for trying… and so do your boys! That photo is hilarious… I can only imagine how uncomfortable it must have been to wear something like that.

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  4. Notagirlymom says:

    Where did you find the pattern for that and can I have it? :)

    We’re constantly trying to find shorts/pants that fit the Teeny Weeny Little Superguy. He’s slender (like his daddy was at that age) and has no butt and legs that go all the way up to his armpits. So finding pants that fit properly in the waist is always tricky.

  5. Mary says:

    You could just let him wear the tight pants and tell everyone he wants to be a drummer for a rock band when he grows up! lol.

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  6. Kama says:

    Those pants are too cute! I’m going to have to try them out!

    Kama’s last blog post..Thanks Mom!

  7. Isobel says:

    When I first saw the picture, my eyes deceived me. I thought I was looking at the shorts on the knee of a teenage boy (with no hair on his legs). I thought “wow, she did get the size very wrong..”

  8. @notagirlymom all the details on how to make them are on my Dollar Store Crafts blog:

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