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Crappy Crafters meet Clementine Crates

Fruit Crate Assemblages
Fruit Crate Assemblages

The Crappy Crafters, four women old-enough to know better and two adolescent daughters who joined the fun, met for the second time to figure out exactly what can be done with those really useful-looking clementine crates we all save. Admit it, you do save those don’t you? Having Googled for “clementine craft ideas” and not finding anything much besides, make them into doll beds or use them to hold stuff, the Crappy Crafters persevered:  fueled by tee many martoonis, armed with hot glue guns and bags of stuff too good to throw out – like broken Xmas ornaments, broken jewelry, broken toys and remains from past crafts efforts we spent a happy evening creating these, um, these… things.  It was fun. We recommend it. Just be careful: hot gluing while intoxicated (HGWI?) can be dangerous.

Dryerlint Dog

13 Responses to Crappy Crafters meet Clementine Crates

  1. Notagirlymom says:

    What do you plan to DO with your uh..creations?

    I love crates..I used to have a vintage CocaCola bottle crate that I used as a mail/bill holder. :-D

  2. Tammy says:

    Does that top one say “Oprah” or “Freak” ?

  3. Janis says:

    I think it says “Dream”

  4. Dryerlintdog says:

    Thanks for your comments. I feel very validated after my first post on CraftFail. The top crate should say “Dream” (although “Oprah” and “Freak” are just as valid) and what’s odd is that the Crappy Crafter who made that C3 (Clementine Crate Craft) lost the “D” so it just said “ream” when I photographed the boxes and we were all puzzled by that and then had to turn the joint upside down to find the missing “D” so it would make sense. In so far as these things make sense, which they don’t. As I emailed Notagirlymom, I don’t know what to do with my crate. Perhaps blow it up with a cherry bomb? Maybe at the Crappy Crafter’s next meeting we can discuss this over cocktails.
    Anne aka Dryerlintdog

  5. Mary says:

    If you can put it on Craft Fail, then it’s definitely a success!

    Boozy Crafts are the best. :p

    Mary’s last blog post..The Ultimate Craft Failure – Marigold Perfume.

  6. Sharon CBL says:

    I think these are great. I thought the top one said “Break” or “Creak”–either one would’ve worked for me.


    *Memory shrines
    *Collectibles shadowboxes
    *Dollhouse backgrounds for very hip (or unhinged) dolls
    *Attach them together and add wheels for “CWI on Parade”

    Sure I wish I’d been at that party!

    Sharon CBL’s last blog post..Shrinky Stinks: The sequel

  7. KMOM14 says:

    I actually love this – it is kitcshy cute – like a scrapbox gone 3D on steriods. This would be cool to put on the back of a toilet tank for a bathroom decoration.

  8. Dryerlintdog says:

    There have been a lot of reactions to this Clementine Crate Craft. On my Facebook account someone suggested making a stop-action movie with little figures in the boxes or to film the making of a box. My boss saw a “memory pot” when she was visiting Williamsburg, Va, and thought of this craft, so now I’m making a memory pot by gluing stuff on an old tin cup I had around the house that someone had handpainted (badly) and someone else gave to me (having found it at a yard sale) because they thought I would think of a use for it. Maybe when I finish, I will post it here.

  9. val says:

    I’m SO jealous. I would love to have a martooni and join the crappy crafters!

    val’s last blog post..Crafting hope…

  10. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much when I looked at all the things people have made and they did not work out. I thought I was the only one with a box of shame.

  11. jennifer says:

    Where can I find clementine boxes, I only see the cardboard ones in the market

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