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Crappy Crafters meet Clementine Crates

Fruit Crate Assemblages
Fruit Crate Assemblages

The Crappy Crafters, four women old-enough to know better and two adolescent daughters who joined the fun, met for the second time to figure out exactly what can be done with those really useful-looking clementine crates we all save. Admit it, you do save those don’t you? Having Googled for “clementine craft ideas” and not finding anything much besides, make them into doll beds or use them to hold stuff, the Crappy Crafters persevered:  fueled by tee many martoonis, armed with hot glue guns and bags of stuff too good to throw out – like broken Xmas ornaments, broken jewelry, broken toys and remains from past crafts efforts we spent a happy evening creating these, um, these… things.  It was fun. We recommend it. Just be careful: hot gluing while intoxicated (HGWI?) can be dangerous.

Dryerlint Dog

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