Sweater Curse

Caption under this in my photo album said:

“The 1st (& last) sweater I knit for Scott.”

Ever hear of the sweater curse? From what I recall, it’s that if you knit your boyfriend a sweater then he won’t be the one you’ll marry. Well… I knit him a sweater in 1989 (I found this picture while looking through my college album) and we’ve been married for 18 years! Maybe I averted the curse by him never actually wearing it.

I remember knitting this and at the time, my mom told me to make the arms bigger than the pattern called for.  Well, I sure did.  And you know what?  In all these years, I’ve never knit him anything else.

12 Responses to Sweater Curse

  1. amanda_1981 says:

    LOL That’s awesome. Good advice, Mom!

  2. K says:

    That picture is too, too cute!

  3. Emma says:

    That’s brilliant! True comedy :D
    Just the sort of useful advice mums give that turns out horrifically xD
    Glad to know you didn’t scare him away!

  4. Mary says:

    You married Godzilla?!?!

    lol. Sorry. The sleeves crack me up.

    Mary’s last blog post..Walk of Shame. Or rather, Run of Shame.

  5. Fraeulein says:

    Mom apparently thought your future husband was the strong man at the circus.
    I made a bathrobe for my husband – the sleeves are super long.

  6. Dryerlintdog says:

    If his arms were that long, he would be the only human who can reach a drive -n ATM without hanging halfway out the car window. A useful attribute.

  7. Dryerlintdog says:

    er, drive-in ATM. Nice sweater for an orangutan.

  8. Bianca says:

    Wow. If his arms were that long, his knuckles would probably drag across the ground when he walks. Hmm – maybe you could donate it to the local zoo to keep the gorillas warm at night?
    That’s a classic – thanks for the chuckles. I need to start taking pictures of all the fails I have lying around the house!

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  10. akamat says:

    Too Funny! I have knitted so many things that have had some quirky trait to them. I hated knitting the gauge. You learn after a while.

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