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A bit too creepy for the babies

By WendyKay,
In an attempt to make a baby-safe fabric doll, I had a bit of a measuring mishap. The result?  A creepy big-eyed doll sure to scare the babies, hoo-boy!
What are you (blank) staring at?

What are you (blank) staring at?

I make dolls for friends/family and for sale on Etsy that have button eyes, and I’ve gotten a few requests to make baby-safe dolls without the button eyes. I’ve made a few where I’ve embroidered the eyes and those turned out cute, but I wanted to offer the babies a button-eye doll that was safe for them. So I set about getting a Speedball, some non-toxic, permanent fabric paint, and I carved a button stamp. I was so happy at my first attempt that I sort of didn’t consider it’s size … I stamped it onto the fabric and was excited at how easy it was then I was on a roll and just went ahead and sewed up the doll.  I started to wonder about the size of the eyes, but kept telling myself that it would look fine once I got the doll all sewn together. But as I started to stuff its head, well, it became apparent that the eyes were a bit to large.  And creepy. This particular doll was to be for a little baby boy that I know … and I didn’t want to scar him for life.

Whoah!  Those are some big peepers!

Whoah! Those are some big peepers!

Don’t let the smile fool ya, those are some huge weird eyes!  I started over, this time making the stamp smaller, and it came out really cute!  So this is a fail, with a happy ending!

Cute vs. Creepy!  Cute wins!  Creepy fails!

Cute vs. Creepy! Cute wins! Creepy fails!

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