A bit too creepy for the babies

By WendyKay,
In an attempt to make a baby-safe fabric doll, I had a bit of a measuring mishap. The result?  A creepy big-eyed doll sure to scare the babies, hoo-boy!
What are you (blank) staring at?

What are you (blank) staring at?

I make dolls for friends/family and for sale on Etsy that have button eyes, and I’ve gotten a few requests to make baby-safe dolls without the button eyes. I’ve made a few where I’ve embroidered the eyes and those turned out cute, but I wanted to offer the babies a button-eye doll that was safe for them. So I set about getting a Speedball, some non-toxic, permanent fabric paint, and I carved a button stamp. I was so happy at my first attempt that I sort of didn’t consider it’s size … I stamped it onto the fabric and was excited at how easy it was then I was on a roll and just went ahead and sewed up the doll.  I started to wonder about the size of the eyes, but kept telling myself that it would look fine once I got the doll all sewn together. But as I started to stuff its head, well, it became apparent that the eyes were a bit to large.  And creepy. This particular doll was to be for a little baby boy that I know … and I didn’t want to scar him for life.

Whoah!  Those are some big peepers!

Whoah! Those are some big peepers!

Don’t let the smile fool ya, those are some huge weird eyes!  I started over, this time making the stamp smaller, and it came out really cute!  So this is a fail, with a happy ending!

Cute vs. Creepy!  Cute wins!  Creepy fails!

Cute vs. Creepy! Cute wins! Creepy fails!

20 Responses to A bit too creepy for the babies

  1. Kat says:

    OMG IT’S LIKE CORALINE! With monkeys! This is not a fail, this is a win!

  2. LadyBright says:

    I don’t know, I sort of like the big eyed doll better, but I can be odd so maybe it’s just me.

  3. Jessica says:

    Call it a Coraline Doll and sell it on Etsy! I actually don’t think it’s *that* scary…

  4. val says:

    I am CRYIN’!!!! That is too funny. At first glance I thought the yellow ball was a hat and it totally threw me. But, yeah, I admit, I like the little button eyes better. I can’t keep saying to myself

    “WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT?” hahahahaha sort of like Chuckies younger less evil (but still creepy) brother!

    val’s last blog post..Golf anyone?

  5. It looks like that doll wants to hug me and I want to run away. Her appropriately-sized-eyes cousin is very cute though.

    The Reluctant Craftster’s last blog post..Baby Anne’s Sea Glass Hat

  6. toymaker says:

    The first thing I thought of was “Baby Button Eyes” from a Simpson’s episode.
    Eyes aside it is a really nicely designed doll. (I actually like it)

  7. jo ?? says:

    kinda cute! just draw a line between the eyes and hooks behind the ears and then your doll will have super cool big specs!

    jo ??’s last blog post..Become a Fan!

  8. Kris says:

    After having many craft fails of my own, you learn to adjust…just make the big ol’ eyes into glasses!

  9. Ellama1 says:

    Oh, but that big-eyed doll is good! Thats the one we’d probably buy, but perhaps we are weirdos! I love it, blank stare and all ! I especially love that you carved the stamp yourself. :O)

  10. Fräulein says:

    I like her, because she looks high.
    What can i say, I am a little warped.

  11. Lisa from Oakland, CA says:

    I love the monkey fabric!

  12. OreoFairy says:

    I like the creepy one also. I even showed it to my 3 and 5yr old daughters and my 4yr old son and they all squealed in delight.

  13. Georgie says:

    The creepy one is adorable! All my favourite soft toys have been a little odd, since I was a small child ^^ it has a unique charm, for sure

  14. This is hysterical! I love: “What are you (blank) staring at? “. That is too funny!

    Thanks for making my day!


  15. lindsey b. says:

    since most of my craft fails end/get painfully worse under the guise of “maybe i can fix it…” my first thought is maybe with a small-tip fabric pen you could carefully draw the too-large eyes into super-awesome button sunglasses :)

  16. lindsey b. says:

    on the other hand, sometimes the creepiest child things are the ones they love the best (*coughcough* elmo and yo gabba gabba *coughcough*)

  17. hannah says:

    actually, i like the big-eyed doll. a lot. ahaha. (:

  18. i love the big eyed one, he’s really rather cute and not scary at all!
    kids generally like wierd stuff anyhow :)

  19. Laina says:

    No! Button eyes are evil! Haven’t we learned this from Coraline???

  20. Tammy says:

    oh no! I don’t think they’re too scary. What about Blythe dolls -they’re so popular with their huge eyes!

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