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Cursed Sweaters

I fell in love with this pattern at a yarn show. Went home, saved up my money (I rarely buy more than one skein of yarn at a time & even rarer do I make anything bigger than a baby sweater or a scarf).  Placed my order online and was so excited to get the pattern and the yarn to go with it. The colors were vibrant and the yarn soft, a mix of cotton/rayon/flax.

Spent months knitting it. I even reworked parts, and made the sleeves smaller! (Read here if you don’t know why I watch out for sleeves!) I was so proud of it when it was complete. It matched with just about everything in my wardrobe. I could finally wear something I made!

Over time things seemed to be a little looser. Was I losing weight? (Ha! I wish!) How could this be? I started to roll up the sleeves. Pick it up and place back onto  a shoulder. Who knew yarn could stretch so much???


I’ve even gained some weight since I finished this (ok, maybe 20lbs. isn’t “some”…) and it’s still too big!!! I’m going to unravel this one. Start again. Rework it into something with a tighter stitch. Cross your fingers for me.

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