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Star Wars Craft Fail

By Heather, Dollar Store Crafts

I have been working on a couple of Star Wars crafts lately (most of them turned out pretty cute), but for some reason Chewbacca was not an easy Star Wars character for me to incorporate into my projects!

Through my involvement in Craft Fail, I’ve gradually come to realize that the lack of pattern-use is my number one reason for failing at my projects. I have gotten slightly better at improving my results through the use of a sketchbook (I sketch the “final product” before I even try to cut out pieces. If I’m smart.) This Chewbacca face (applique?) was not made with the aid of a sketch, although I tried to be aware of the identifying characteristics of Chewy’s face: close set eyes, a doggie nose, lighter fur streaks emanating from his face out around his head.

Instead, I free-hand cut him out of felt.

<insert foghorn sound here>

I actually fished this face out of the trash so I could take a picture for you. It’s so ugly. Can you imagine adorning a poor unsuspecting tote with this monstrosity?

I hate felt.

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