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Enter the Pom-Poms of Sadness

martha pompoms

Martha’s Pom-Poms are an inspiration

By Betsy of craftivism

Please note that these tissue paper pom-poms from Martha Stewart have 4 steps. Simple, easy peasy, right? My friend was getting married and we were going all DIY on the decorations. She was having the bridesmaids over to plan the creations, and I was hellbent on bringing these puppies in triumphant “Look, it can be done!” fashion. HA!

So wrong.

Instead of delighting everyone with fluffy puffy pom-poms of joy, I was left with tissue paper that looked like toddlers got to it. The best part about these deflated, sad looking pom-poms? My cat, Bobbin, loved all those little teeny tiny bits of paper in the top right-hand corner. Sadly, she was not given the chance to play with the big failed ones because I banished them for reuse before I ripped them into shreds of frustration.

tissue pom pom fail

Lesson learned (again!): Don’t craft in a hurry. Practice and make a sample first. Bonus tip: Remember you are not a Martha Stewart stylist, and breathe.

Oh, and fact they are in order from left to right: sad, sadder and saddest pom-poms? Totally unplanned visual awesomeness.

martha stewart stylist

martha made pompoms

8 Responses to Enter the Pom-Poms of Sadness

  1. I LOVE that a lot of the craftfails lately have been based on Martha’s projects. That cracks me up beyond.

  2. Truly, these things take forever and are very fragile. I had to do many many packs of these once for a segment. Whatever you do do NOT twist the wire tie where the directions say. You should twist it exactly at the middle of the folded tissue and fluff from there!

  3. Amanda says:

    Again…THANK YOU MARTHA. *sigh* That woman has SOME nerve. She constantly outshines the common crafter to make US look like the idiot, when it is SHE that writes instructions on terribly fragile crafts without warning! There should be a craft level on her stuff. Boo Martha.

  4. Mary says:

    Someone should send Martha a link to this blog.

  5. notsomartha says:

    I understand your pain. I had the same enthusiasm until I (tried to) fluff my creation.

    What I got in the end: a funny look from the husband and a tissue paper blob so ugly the dog was scared of it.


  6. Val says:

    What isn’t said here is that Martha may be a craft genius, but her tutorials stink. They often only tell half the story without understandable pictures.

    I successfully made hundreds of these poms for my wedding, but had to chuck all of Martha’s measurements and amounts of paper out the window, instead making it up as it made sense to me. Make shorter rectangles, double (at least) the amount of paper, make the accordion folds small and tight, and pull the paper gently but firmly up as close to the center wire as possible, waiting to worry about shape until all of the layers are separated.

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