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Memory Pot

By dryerlintdog

A memory pot is a folkart tradition: small mementos, keys, buttons, thimbles etc are affixed to a pot and the result can be pretty weird. So of course, weird being my middle name, artistically speaking, I had to give it a try. I had an ugly old metal cup which just called out to be transformed into Art with a capital “A.”  I decided to make a memory pot for my son.

Memory Pot

I glued old-time pharmacy ads, running zebras, fortunes from a fortune cookie onto the pot and it was looking kind of o.k., until I succumbed to the usually fatal temptation to add Just One More Thing: I hot-glued a golf tee, topped by a superball with a coca-cola cap on top – all having meaning for a med student, I thought. The coup de grace:  I stuck on a couple little witch doctor mask magnets I had made. The magnets can be moved around the pot: interactive art!  Said son told me it was interesting, but he really doesn’t have room in his apartment, what with textbooks taking up so much room and all, and maybe the Art with a capital A should live at my house.  Harrumph. Were the magnets too much, you think?  Now I’m fixin’ to make a pot for my daughter. Her field is international relations and terrorism. Now how can I put that on a pot?

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