Not. Cute.

by Care

I am making some sock monkeys for a craft charity organization.  Before I even started making the monkeys, I got thinking about how to make them super cute.  I remembered seeing some flannel at JoAnn’s with cute little sock FROGS all over them.  “Easy!” I thought.  “I’ll make some sock frogs, too, and then make cute little pajama pants for them!”  Great idea, right?



Aside from the fact that his feet don’t match, and his hands don’t match, and he’s made from a gross kind of shiny polyestery-feel sock (TOUCH them before you buy them, people!!), and so on, he — well, he still sucks.


Keep in mind that my husband is very supportive of all my sewing endeavors.  But when he saw this one, his first question was,

“It kind of looks like something from Star Wars.  How did you let it get THIS far?”

Agreed.  From the first few stitches something was telling me to stop.  But I kept thinking, “Maybe these ugly socks can still make a cute frog.”  Then, “Maybe after he’s stuffed he’ll be cute.”  Then, “Maybe after he has eyes he’ll be cute.”  Then, “Maybe after he has arms he’ll be cute.”  Then, “WHY DID I WASTE AN HOUR AND A HALF ON THIS THING??!”

Lesson learned.  Listen to your inner crafter.

21 Responses to Not. Cute.

  1. I want to see what he looks like when he’s done!

  2. Shannon says:

    I still think he could turn out cute if he has good facial features. The feel issue could be more difficult to fix, though.

  3. Kris says:

    Thanks for sharing!! It made me feel good about my sewing failure with interfacing i had today!!

  4. Amanda says:

    …you could always use him to whack unsuspecting passers by? LOL

  5. Mary says:

    I think the white fluffy stuff coming out of his crotch is rather endearing.

  6. The crotch stuffing IS fantastic – as well as the whole write up. I’m still laughing. The pictures are just priceless!!!!

  7. dryerlintdog says:

    I was wondering about that fluffy stuff around the crotch, but didn’t comment – this being a family friendly blog and all. But I think you should finish him. Maybe he could get a full-body suit and a hat and glasses to disguise the, how shalll I say, anatomical anomaliies? Undercover Sock Frog: Super Hero!

  8. Jeri says:

    I laughed when I saw your monkey and then I really laughed when I read the comments, especially about the crotch. I love him, he’s good for a laugh. There’s nothin wrong with this frog sock monkey – he’s so ugly, he really is cute.

  9. Care says:

    Okay, SERIOUSLY. I can’t remember the last time I laughed this hard!! Thanks for the comments; I feel so much better now — at poor little FreakShowFroggy’s expense!!

  10. Quoth says:

    Heh, he is strangely compelling, actually. Maybe it’s hte pupil-less eyeballs, or the lovely green color, but not so ugly. A little strange, but kind of reminds me of that ugly hedgehog my mom got me at some charity kid’s craft toy sale. No one else wanted to buy him, because he was bald and ugly, but I loved him for years.

  11. Shyness says:

    Honestly, I think this still has potential.

  12. cathy says:

    I think this guy has potential – just a few things need to be added – pajama pants like you mentioned – and how about a wild print man’s tie – find
    something with flies or some other bugs – don’t give up on him – take him places and take his picture- Can’t wait to see him finished.

  13. val says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I haven’t had such a good laugh since I saw Crack Mickey posted!
    My favorite part is the undone crotch….that is TOO funny! It looks like something you’d see walking around the French Quarter in NOLA. HAH!

    all that being said, I don’t think he’s that bad…sew up the crotch, finish his eyes and put a bow tie on him. He’ll be very cute, just wait and see :-)

  14. carol says:

    WOW, I was laughing sooo much my bf came to the room thinking I maybe crying * histerical * Please finish this hilarious object and POST AGAIN.

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  16. Notagirlymom says:

    Is it just WRONG that the FIRST thing I noticed was the bright blue crotch? o.O

  17. Marisa says:

    He could still be cute. Shorter arms, thicker thighs, and a shorter torso that’s more rounded (add stuffing) the mouth Id use another fabric and then brade some yarn sew it t the middle of the mouth and wala you have a toung. As for the feel of the fabric… well, it is a frog. And we all know frogs are far from cozy fluffy or huggy. They feel weird too. Keep at it you have potential there!

  18. Lindsay says:

    I just want to say THANK YOU for making me laugh! I do not mean to make you feel bad at all-I have ZERO sewing skills, but when I saw this I went into the “ugly laugh/cry” (you know the one.) So thank you-you made my day. (And best of luck! and thanks for sharing!)

  19. Nicole says:

    hahaha I had a much needed laugh/cry after reading this post and the comments. thanks! The crotch fluff especially. haha I’m sure your other puppets were very cute!

  20. Andrea says:

    THIS IS EXTREMELY HILARIOUS. Thanks for cracking me up (as I am in the midst of 5 sock monkeys with varying levels of orthopedic (and psychological) concerns)!

  21. jami jones says:

    i named it……Muffy

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