The Zombie Thinker

2005-04-06 00sculpture (blog photos)By Heather, Dollar Store Crafts

Take it from me, always take photos of everything you make, and ALWAYS save the original photo files because you might find yourself posting to a blog like CraftFail sometime in the future and only have a circa 2003-resolution blog photo to share when the time comes. (Sorry for this tiny photo – it’s all I have! I never thought I would want a large version of it!)

I know it’s not part of our CraftFail policy to post other people’s creations as CraftFails, but I got permission…

This sculpture isn’t by me, but by an anonymous member of my family who insists it’s not a CraftFail because it’s exactly what it was intended to be. Whatever, I know you guys will appreciate it anyway.

What is it? A fully-glazed, solid pottery head sculpture with the skull opening and beautifully-glazed fingers creeping out of it. (In this photo, there are anatomical models of skulls biting onto the fingers, but they aren’t part of the original sculpture.

We actually had this bust in our house for over 10 years! During our last move, we finally downsized our lifestyle to exclude its presence in our decor.

Also, we had two of these bad boys – but the other one was unfired (read: dry clay). In a fit of delirium during a previous move several years ago, we buried it in the backyard of the house we moved away from because the thought of someone unearthing it cracked us up.

12 Responses to The Zombie Thinker

  1. Lori says:

    Maybe I just have no artistic taste… but I’d be inclined to think this is AWESOME. But I just tend to like this sort of thing. I’d display it prominently in my house and enjoy all the uncomfortable glances from house guests. “Why, that certainly is an interesting sculpture… Er, did you make that?”

  2. K says:

    Wow, I can’t help but look at that and think: ‘…10 years?!’ Mad props on burying its twin, though — I’d love to be a fly on the wall when the future tenants unearth it!

  3. Denise says:

    Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!! You mean I am not the only one who leaved poorly executed head sculptures for others to find??

    Except I left mine behind the heater in my college apartment! hahahha! Wish I had a picture!

  4. Mary says:

    Note to Self: Do not buy a home from Heather or Denise.

  5. val says:

    burying the unfired one is absolutely the BEST! too funny!

  6. Dryerlintdog says:

    These comments made me wonder how many people bury stuff in the yard when they move? I did. My cousin did. Is there a “What I buried/found in my backyard” website idea here? Not telling what I buried, but my cousin buried a huge concrete bank sign which was too big to take to Florida. Now we’re trying to locate it, but don’t know what I would do with it if I found it.

  7. Bwah ha ha RE: all the people burying things in their backyards… ha ha ha!

  8. Oh man, heather, the fact that you buried one totally cracks me up! That is so something my family would find hysterical. :-) Good post.

  9. Milly says:

    hmmmmmmmmmm, I’m wondering if I need to start digging up my back yard……

  10. Fanboy Wife says:

    I’m worried the unfired one would disintegrate in the ground. (Unfired clay turns back into a malleable substance if it gets wet.) Unless, it was bisque fired and it was just unglazed. In that case, it would last a long time.

  11. I can’t remember if it was bisque fired or not. Either way, it was a great way to get rid of 5lbs of dry clay!

  12. Claire says:

    Ha ha! I love love love that you buried it in the ground for someone else to find. Totally brilliant.

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