Quilt Block Craft Fail

I’m participating in a quilt block swap on Craftster, and we’re doing these fairly simple blocks, inspired by states in the USA. This one here is Arizona, and I LOVE it (not a fail)!

I had already sewn  more than 30 of these blocks when I did this:

Oops, something’s wrong with this picture! I almost forgot to take a picture of it before I ripped it apart and redid it… but for your pleasure, I managed to snap a blurry photo.

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6 Responses to Quilt Block Craft Fail

  1. I’ll always remember visiting the John Adams house when I was a young kid, the guide talking about the exquisite hand-laid tile floor and pointing out a single imperfection in the tens of thousands of tile pieces.

    “Why didn’t they fix it?!” I asked.

    “They laid it that way on purpose,” he explained, “to symbolize their belief that man cannot be perfect — only god is perfect.”

    Quilt square fail? Okay, probably. But you could just look on it as an homage to one of our founding fathers!

  2. Emma says:

    Oops, that’s just the sort of thing I’d do and then you’re left looking at it thinking…that doesn’t look *quite* right… Still, I’m sure it was really nice when you put it back correctly :)

  3. @That Kind of Girl I love the story about John Adams’ house!! Amazing!

  4. Mary says:

    @ That Kind of Girl: I was about to say the same thing about the Amish. They always leave some small imperfections in their quilts for the same reason. I heart John Adams.

    @ Heather: It took me a minute to see the problem. lol.

  5. Donnalin says:

    Stumbled upon your blog and I LOVE it!!! Gives me the courage to keep on trying even though most of my crafty ideas look sooooo much better in my head…you inspire me LOL!!!! Have a great one.

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