My Wardrobe Refashion Fail

A couple years ago I participated in a wonderful online project called Wardrobe Refashion. If you participate in Wardrobe Refashion, you pledge to avoid buying new clothes for a period of two, four, or six months, and instead refashion what you already own instead of buying new (you can also thrift). It’s completely awesome, and in no way is a CraftFail! However, inspired by “refashioning” I did make this, uh, refashioned scarf.

The bright pink scarf was from the Goodwill Outlet (a.k.a. “the bins” where stuff is sold by the pound!). I thought it was kind of cool, except for one small spot near the bottom fringe that looked like it had been melted by a cigarette. “No problem,” I thought. “I can cover it up with some kind of spiffy embellishment!”

Said “spiffy embellishment” came in the form of a flower made from a piece of a blue chiffon dress and some pieces of t-shirt fabric left over from a wild night of t-shirt refashioning Iron Chef style with my sister and friend. (I only WISH I had photos of the ensuing reconstructed t-shirts from that night. One was brown with three orange pieces forming a traffic cone-like ruffle motif on the front. Sadly, those were the days before CraftFail where my fails were shuffled off this mortal coil without being photo-documented first.)

The blue chiffon “flower” just drooped very sadly when the scarf was worn as a scarf. Not that I ever wore it as a scarf. I tried it on. Hot pink isn’t my color!

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4 Responses to My Wardrobe Refashion Fail

  1. Sewicked says:

    At least you didn’t wear it. I once tried to wear something similar. In my defense, it was the 80s.

  2. Hmm. An abstract flower perhaps!

  3. Jick says:

    How many scarfs die each year at the hands of crafty re-fashionista’s?

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