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A Modest Halloween Costume Proposal, Thanks Martha!

Posted by Heather, Dollar Store Crafts

Click here for the Roast Turkey Costume Instructions

Okay, CraftFail is devoted to sharing OUR craft fails, and we have never posted a craft fail that didn’t originate with one of our contributors (or with permission from the creator), but I couldn’t not share this one with you: A craft faux pas so horrifying, it could only be shared on Halloween. And, it comes from the Queen of Craft herself (and patron saint of so many of our CraftFails here), Martha Stewart. Well, Martha didn’t come up with it, but she DID showcase a holiday table covered in live babies in food costumes on her show. Shudder. And, shudder again.

Click here for the Lobster Costume Instructions

I actually don’t have a problem with these costumes, in theory. They seem like a clever and fun idea for a baby who’s just going to be lying around on Halloween anyway. But seeing an entire table covered with moving babies encased in food is just beyond creepy. Maybe because the giant proptastic nature of their costumes convinces your brain that they are animatronic babies, but then slowly the realization dawns on you as you watch the video… they’re real babies. And they are dressed as pie. With an accompanying serving knife.

Cue shudders once again.

Watch it yourself: This video clip comes courtesy of ExtremeCraft. Wow, Garth, thanks for sharing.

Martha Stewart Baby Costumes 1

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