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The Halloween worms that never were

By Liz from

Back in early September, I bookmarked this awesome idea by The Idea Room to make jello worms. I saved this recipe for a full two months, hell-bent on impressing the neighbor kids with this winning idea (I have a side hobby of freaking out the neighbors with a worm composting bin so I figured this would be perfect.)

So this is the photo of the beautiful, perfect worms conjured by Amy.


And these are mine:


Nice work!

I really had two problems here… first, I didn’t have a empty milk carton to hold the straws and that was kind of a problem. The jello leaked out of the bottoms of the straws which resulted in worms only a couple of inches long.

Leaky straws

Leaky straws

And secondly, I didn’t quite get the part Amy said about using HOT water to run over the straws before trying to squeeze out the jello. Note to those of you willing to try this — listen to Amy. Really. Use HOT water for this step.

The results were so bad I tossed the whole thing. But I’ve since tracked Amy down on Twitter (so I can ask her questions), and I’m ready to try again!

Besides Liz’s culinary fails, you can check out her parenting fails vis-a-vis the crying photos of her kids on

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