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Fail: Bland Cat Puke w/Tub Caulk

Okay, so this isn’t really *my* craft fail. Nor is it really a craft (well, maybe sorta – it is a baking fail). It is crafty in that it was part of a bunch of holiday gifts we were indeed crafting/creating for our family.

My husband offered to help me with the homemade holiday gifts this year. A few of which were baked goods. After two different tries (and three different recipes), I received a text message from him saying: “I am 0 for 3.” When I came home from work, I saw this. Also known as “Pay Day Bars”.

To me it looked like cat puke (or worse) with some tub caulking as accent.

A for effort for my hubby (who shall remain nameless). F for bake fail! These suckers tasted about as good as they look. He forgot to add some of the sugar and bought unsalted nuts – so it was BLAND cat puke w/tub caulk.

Kate (

13 Responses to Fail: Bland Cat Puke w/Tub Caulk

  1. I admit, that is nasty looking. Nice to have help, any way you can get it, right? I hope it is a memory you can both laugh over in years to come.

  2. jessica says:

    Oh dear, you have the best descriptions!

  3. Kate says:

    @marge: Dave (my hubby) is so freaking awesome! You bet I am thankful for him (and his sense of humor). We spend a lot of time laughing! Especially at ourselves! ;o)

  4. viktoria says:

    Nice one Kate. I would tell you to turn it into dog treats, but I don’t think they can have chocolate. Unless the brown bits are just burnt cat poop, which Trigger can eat no problem.

  5. Amanda says:

    Just yikes and ouch!

  6. nihil says:

    Ewww. It kind of looks like Natto. I’m sure it tastes probably similiar.

  7. val says:

    heehee…we’ve ALL had baking fails. At least her TRIED!!!

  8. DarkWaterSong says:

    This looks worse than the time I forgot the balking powder to corn bread (it tasted like corn bread and chewed like a brick). I also substituted salt for sugar one time, so I know about baking disasters.

    Final funny cooking story…when I was just learning to cook, my mom asked me to make a very simple family favorite for dinner. It is chicken breasts over uncooked rice with a bit of chicken broth and a can of cream of mushroom. Some veggies and 1/2 cup of white wine are also added. Well I could not find the white wine, so I went digging in the cupboards. I found this bottle labeled “Dry White Wine” so I added 1/2 cup. That 1/2 cup of Vermouth made the drunkest chicken ever!

  9. Katherine says:

    I. LOVE. YOU.

    Honest. You ALL are my heros. Absolutely. Even though I just found your blog (thank you, Homemade Hilarity), this is one I will never miss.

    You so rock! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you guys and your sense of…style? Humor? Everything??

    You are goddesses. I mean that. This blog – and all the contributors – could not have ended my year better. This is just so awesome!! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does this…I just need to find a husband to blame. Everyone already knows I wouldn’t let my kids anywhere near a stove/oven/anything hot or having to do with fire. This is priceless!!


    (Not that you’re making up a husband to blame this on.) :)

  10. Notagirlymom says:


    I should have taken pictures of my sugar cookie fail over the weekend with DS. I don’t know what I did wrong but they were puffy without being totally done and tasted like cardboard.

    DS didn’t care though..a cookie is a cookie to him.

  11. MarthaFingStuart says:

    Question: why was there tub caulk used in an edible dish? Well, not so edible after its use, eh? However, I must say, it does look like puke, so not exactly a fail. :)

  12. jami nato says:

    seriously, so funny. i mean, you had me at “tube caulk”.

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