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Holiday Crafting: Make a Blanket into a Doll

Thanks for joining me for my Dollar Store CraftFail. Usually I can salvage my projects enough to at least be photographed and written up as tutorials. I wrote this tute up just for you, failers!

I found this cute fleece blankie at the dollar store – it has a little dolly on it. So cute, right? I thought it would be a great and easy gift idea to take one of these blankets and turn them into an actual doll. (Exactly how is that cooler than just buying a doll at the dollar store?) And putting a little dolly ON a blankie would be a cool project… taking the dolly off the blankie and making it back into a… doll… well, that’s not really that cool is it? No, that’s just taking the doll idea right back to where it’s been for thousands of years.

Here she is all unfolded. This is a pretty cute blanket for a buck, I think. Why did I proceed with my ill-fated plan?

Project Materials:

  • Blanket with a doll appliqued on it, $1
  • Polyfil, on hand (but I never got that far)
  • Scissors, on hand
  • Ancient sewing machine that can’t sew on polyester fleece, priceless

Total: $1

To Make:

1. Cut around doll shape, leaving at least an inch of sewing space around the doll.

2. Cut that little strip of fabric behind her legs so her legs can dangle free like a real doll!

3. Cut a same-sized piece of fleece for the back of the doll. (I chose the Florida portion of the blanket, somewhere near Orlando.)

4. When you put the doll pillow thing together, you’re going to tuck her limbs up inside the pillow and then put the pieces right side together.

Here we go, right sides together.

5. Pin the daylights out of the pieces. I mean, you don’t want the doll to escape.

6. Start sewing. What’s that grinding sound? Okay, keep sewing. No, really, why is the sewing machine gnashing its teeth? Do sewing machines even have teeth? Just keep sewing. Just keep sewing. Don’t look back. Don’t look down at the seam that isn’t actually a seam because for some reason your sewing machine hates you and your cheap dollar store fleece. The bobbin thread doesn’t even know it’s supposed to make contact with the top thread. Okay stop, take a breath. Now start sewing again. Dangit, what is this machine’s PROBLEM? Maybe I need a special needle. A regular foot wouldn’t hurt, either (am I the only one who only has one foot for her sewing machine – the weird plastic one with one broken tooth – you know the one I mean. Oh, you don’t? Do sewing machine feet even have teeth?)

7. Stop in frustration and complain about how this was supposed to be a 15 minute project, including the photography part. I mean, all you have to do is sew a seam, for craft’s sake. But no, your sewing machine won’t comply.

8. Step away from the sewing machine as someone else in your family claims s/he* can make the sewing machine work. When asked how, the answer is, *shrug* “It will just work for me.”

9. Feel sort of smug when the sewing project is still going on 45 minutes after step 8.

10. Forget to take pics of what is now completely unsalvageable.

11. Log in to CraftFail.

*this person shall remain nameless

20 Responses to Holiday Crafting: Make a Blanket into a Doll

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  2. melissa says:

    i couldn’t stop laughing at step 8 & 9.
    thank u.

  3. kellie says:

    I see what you were trying to do. It does look like it should be rather simple. Don’t know until you try though…your narration is HILARIOUS!!! At least said * person was supportive of your project and willing to help. The fact that said * person couldn’t get it either….priceless!!!! :o)

  4. YelliKelli says:

    Hey, some of my worst mistakes turn out to my best ideas! I would take some bright colorful floss and sew it together by hand, on the right side, and let the stitches be part of the design. Wild and crazy stitches, messy like a child sewed it. Darling!!

  5. Rebekah says:

    I’m sorry, but that doll creeps me out. She looks like she’s wearing a toupee.

  6. Gina says:

    Thank you for the laugh this morning! I still don’t know what you were going for, but I think you learned your lesson. :)

  7. Hilary says:

    ummm, maybe a puppet if you could get the top and side sewn, but seriously? what were you thinking? Next time, just buy the dollar doll and two outfits and the child will be happy, and so will you. :)

  8. Linda says:

    okay……so, what exactly is a stuffie?

  9. I’m totally oblivious to anything you’re implying here, Linda. :) Stuffie = stuffed toy.

  10. blakely says:

    this made me laugh because I always have ideas that never turn out exactly as planned.

  11. Dang, the projects here are fun, but the writing keeps me coming back for more. Who could resist a line like this: “Pin the daylights out of the pieces. I mean, you don’t want the doll to escape.” Love it.

  12. raphaelsmuse says:

    The way it’s set up, it reminds me of the carnival game where you throw baseballs at clowns to win a prize. Maybe that’s what you can use it for now…? XD

  13. val says:

    I (again) almost wet my pants. I love this place…makes me soooo happy….is that weird?

  14. Danielle says:

    This is hilarious. I just found CraftFail, and I already love it. Definitely a fun way to show that while sometimes we get some cool stuff, we all make mistakes.

    I think at this point, if you still have the pieces, I’d hand sew the edges and call it a puppet. My little girl (21 months) loves puppets.

  15. Sarah says:

    oh my garsh! I can (and of course so many others) relate! I always have crafty ideas that I think are epiphanies until I get to about steps 2 or 3. It’s how we end up with enough odds and ends to fill up a whole room isn’t it? Everyone needs a laugh, especially directly after a craftfail…which incidentally is exactly why I was online! Thanks :)

  16. squidart says:

    For craft’s sake! That is the perfect sentiment.

    Just love this. So much time, so much effort, so little gained! I am throwing positive crafting vibes your way. :)

  17. Mrs. R. says:

    Sooooooooo funny! REALLY like your sense on humor and your writing…..and now i feel SO much better about some of my own crafting attempts. (Why do I always try to learn an entirely new mode of craft for Christmas presents, and why do I wait ’til December to start learning?!!!)

  18. susie says:

    Your story was so funny that I started to cry from laughing. Also, I relate to this… I too get these “lightbulb moments” when I HAVE to reconstruct something. Love your writing!

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  20. Claudia says:

    Thank you so much for this entry. I laugh so loud that my dog is barking ;-))

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