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Cemented Quiche

Hard As A Cement Garden Stone

Hard As A Cement Garden Stone

Our local market had a manager’s special on 16 oz cottage cheese tubs for a quarter so I snagged several and went in search of recipes to incorporate them into our menu this week and found a recipe for Cottage Cheese Quiche over at Recipezaar that sounded like it would be good to try, except I didn’t have a ready-bake pie crust like the recipe called for, so I had the bright idea to use biscuits pressed into a pie plate instead.


This was a big mistake because I assummed that the 50 minute baking time in the recipe was just to bake the pie crust and that the center would set up in the 15-18 minutes that the biscuits needed to cook.   I took it out after 18 minutes and I let it set for 5 minutes and although it might look done, the center was sort of like the lukewarm raw eggs that Rocky Balboa drank mixed with cottage cheese – EWH!

Baked 18 minutes

So I put it back in the oven for another 10 minutes – still not done, yet another 10 minutes, still not done in the center and then another 10 minutes and it finally set up.   By then the biscuits were baked to consistency of cement.   My son was hungry when he got home from school and tried to eat it and could not get a fork through the crust.  He resorted to spooning a few tablespoons from the center and said that tasted ok and but was sure his dog would really love it.

Morale of the story, it doesn’t alway pay to improvise – if it calls for a pie crust, use a pie crust!

6 Responses to Cemented Quiche

  1. DarkWaterSong says:

    Heheh..I personalty always make gram cracker crust from scratch. But many people don’t because you have to make crumbs (a rolling pin and a large ziplock bag work wonders). My sister is one such person, but tshe didn’t get that you do not pre-bake gram cracker crusts. She hates the fact we refer to that pie recipe as the “Burned crouton pie.”

  2. Tammy says:

    Oh boy. That’s too bad it turned out poorly…at least the cheese was only a quarter…..
    I’ve been skipping pie crusts on everything for the last few years – by the time I get through the calories in my dish, I don’t dare add a bottom layer to it, too.

  3. Fanboy Wife says:

    Yeah, at least the cheese was cheap!

  4. Jeri says:

    I’m sort of surprised. You would have thought you could substitute. I probably would have done the same thing.

  5. Carol says:

    I have never in my life made a quiche with a pie crust. I suppose what I make is some kind of Savory Egg Custard. Try it next time!

  6. Notagirlymom says:

    I am the queen of improvisors and I say BRAVO for the failtastic nature of this dish. :D

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