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Mickey Apple Attempt – Take 1

Okay, so I call this a craft fail because it isn’t really baking as much as it is decorating. It was a horrible attempt too… So here goes…

My daughters birthday party is going to be on March 27th (yes I am planning early) and the theme is going to be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. So, after searching the internet far and wide for cute pictures I found these and decided that they would be a must have for the party. Since my MIL works at a candy store I figured she could be of great guidance, but wanted to try them on my own.

Now, lets just say I am REALLY glad I am starting early, because mine turned out terrible, I didn’t even get to the cute red sprinkles and jelly bean part (you will see why). Let me just list out the things that went wrong so that you can get an idea of what it looked like.

  1. The caramel kept pooling at the bottom of the apple like a big huge blob. It isn’t like I didn’t stand there and let it drip off, it just kept going like it was running a marathon.
  2. For the ears we started by cutting the marshmallows in 1/2 but decided that was too small and had to increase the size after a couple apples looking kind of funny. 
  3. We put the ears on after the caramel was dipped and they kept sagging down. We started to call them ear muffs; however, one of my friends saw my craft fail yesterday and so eloquently called one of them a butt muff.
  4. We did get the ears to stay up if we waited a couple minutes for the caramel to set before putting on the ears; however, when I dipped it in the chocolate this ones ears just fell flat. (I didn’t seem to get a picture of this one, but trust me it wasn’t a pretty picture)
  5. After all this we decided to sans caramel and just put the ears right on the apple and dip it in the chocolate. Now this wouldn’t be so bad if (A) I had gotten a different chocolate, and (B) if I had been patient in the thinning out process. The first apple came out looking like Mickey was multi colored chocolate because the shortening wasn’t completely melted. (You can see this in the first picture below – the apple to the far left – it doesn’t look so bad small, but big it looks really bad!)
  6. Not only did the shortening not melt the first time, when it did melt it made the chocolate react kind of funny (you will see in the picture… it wasn’t smooth, it kind of looked like ice was breaking away)

So with all this said, it was really pointless to continue and waste the expensive chocolate I bought, and I decided to just wait until I could change types of chocolate to the normal almond bark you can buy at the store for pretty cheep. As a side note, incase any bakers out there are thinking… maybe she didn’t use a double boiler, sadly I did… and it still turned out like this. Oh well, like the title says… Take 1! I will hopefully be attempting Take 2 this weekend and look forward to mastering making Mickey apples. But until then here are pictures from the Mickey Apple Attempt – Take 1.

See in the back ground in row 2 where the ear has sagged down to the rear?

Closer up to see the pooling and sagging of the ears.


Believe it or not this was the best one. But it was the sans caramel. So the ears are good, they didn’t move; however, the chocolate has that ice breaking effect that just isn’t right.

To keep up with me and see if I have mastered or failed again, hop on over to my and take a look at my blog. Hope everyone enjoyed my major craft fail and look forward to sharing more as I screw up try to master other things (be on the look out for clothing fails as I am a beginning sewing student for clothing from scratch).


16 Responses to Mickey Apple Attempt – Take 1

  1. Gorgeous or not, these look yummy! (And good luck with your subsequent tries! Either way, the kids will gobble ’em down!)

  2. Emma says:

    I hope you persevere! They’re showing great (and yummy) promise. There might be some sort of edible glue-type thing to stick the ears on with maybe? I suppose your MIL might know :) Good luck ;)

  3. Ashley says:

    you could try toothpicks for the ears (you know, in the appleto stick the marshmallow on) If the kids are too young to look out for a tooth pick (tell them before they devour) they might be too young for a chocolate dipped apple. It looks like you might have gotten some water in your chocolate- that’s what it looks like when it ‘siezes’. water + chocolate = funky light colored crackly chocolate.
    keep going though! you’re on a good path! It’s going to look great when you finish them!

  4. Mary says:

    The ears are so ugly that they’re adorable! I love them!

  5. I would give up right then and there. I admire that you plan to try again. I’m afraid I would be so discouraged that I would just switch to Mickey cupcakes and see if those marshmallows worked as ears on cake where they might not slide off.

  6. Taryn says:

    I think you’re certainly on the right track. Is it possible that the apples aren’t dipped in caramel at all? It looks to me like under the red sugar ‘pants’ that it’s possibly white chocolate or white almond bark. Maybe that would help keep it from running.

  7. val says:

    you can see they were getting better but I too would have stopped. I’m not cheap but DANG that stuff gets expensive! Maybe almond bark will do the trick. As for the caramel, it happens to us to and we don’t know WHY!
    Back in ‘the day’ caramel didn’t slip and pool….but now it does…..

  8. Notagirlymom says:

    OMG these look delicious, even if they didn’t turn out quite right.

    Then again, anything with Mickey on it just automatically rules in my book. :-D

  9. Adrian says:

    These make me happy for some reason. I agree with Marge, cupcakes would be easier. Or better yet, COOKIES!
    But good luck either way, you’ve already achieved far greater than i would have.

  10. Karmen says:

    I dont know if it would work or not, but on all the Food Network cake challenges that I watch they always used caned air (turned upside down so it shoot out the freezing stream) to help stuff cool quickly and stick well. Good luck!

  11. Scrapbooking says:

    My god those look good!

  12. Tammy says:

    I thought about toothpicks, too… but… dangerous for kids. And you are determined! I wouldn’t try again – instead, I’d look for a chocolate mold and pour the chocolates into those to make little mickeys, maybe to decorate cupcakes with. But then again, I have a kid allergic to apples.

    Good luck! And kudos on trying ahead for a March party!

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  14. Julie says:

    Hey ladies, thank you so much for your comments! If you have gone to my site you will see I did try again not last weekend but the weekend before that. I ended up putting toothpicks in the back and after it hardened pulling them out and covering the hole with chocolate. I took a break from them this past weekend but I am planning on trying them again this coming weekend! I will let you know how that goes. In the mean time check out Mickey Apple Attempt – Take 2 on my blog.
    Have a great day!

  15. Mal says:

    The droopy-earred ones look sad! It’s kind of adorable.

  16. Margaret Myers says:

    Hi I tried this with small Oreo cookies and almond bark and they came out Great. I have pictures of mine up on Facebook, I used small apples as it was for my grandaughter’s 3rd Birthday. I will gladly share how I
    did mine if you would like please e-mail me. I think you will have better luck with this! Margaret

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