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The 80s Called…

And they want their prom dress flower back.

I recently saw this great little tutorial on making ribbon flowers at Make It Do. How beautiful is that?¬† It is perfect for spring and with all the grey, damp, snowy weather we’ve had in West Virginia, I could use something to brighten my days.

I bought some ribbon. I got out a spool of thread and my sharpest needle. I ruffled one edge of the ribbon, gathered a little bit for the middle of the flower, and started wrapping and sewing.

Painfully ugly.

Ouch.¬† It wasn’t until after I realized the Fail had occured and took a step back that I realized the ribbon looked like it was ripped from some horrible 1980s prom dress. Look at that mess. It’s a sheeny, silky, peachy mess. I didn’t even try for a better photograph. This CraftFail occured at night and it didn’t need to see the light of day.

Posted by Haley from The Wild Wood Flower

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10 Responses to The 80s Called…

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  2. Just rock a side ponytail and clip this on, and you’ll instantly be transported back to the land of Kids Incorporated (back when Fergie was Stacy Ferguson).

  3. Notagirlymom says:


  4. Oh the 80’s. Gosh I’m glad they are gone. In my area feathered hair clips were big at the end of the 70’s, beginning of the 80’s. Does anyone else remember what I am talking about? *shudder*
    I have to say I am just no good with ribbon. I’ve purchased books and different styles of ribbon and it all ends up the same – an incongruous mess. I could blame it on the ribbon or the instructions, but the truth is, I don’t follow directions too well. I get tired of reading and try to figure it out myself. So take heart! Your creation does indeed look like a flower. Maybe you got it right the second time around?

  5. Haley says:

    Oh my! I remember Kids Incorporated! Maybe when my hair is long enough this summer, I’ll rock the side ponytail. :P

    Marge, I have not tried a second time to make the beautiful beautiful flower. I’m hoping a better ribbon will help.

  6. Rhonda says:

    Too funny – I used the same tutorial to make a flower that ended up looking like it belonged in my grandma’s wardrobe – and not in good way!

    I tried again with different ribbon though, and it came out MUCH better. It’s funny how much difference that can make!!

  7. val says:

    ha ha! the title kills me!

  8. Haha definitely a throwback from the 80’s perfect for certain themed fancy dress parties, great little tutorial post though from MakeItDo, nice find!

  9. April says:

    lol, well you can always sew it on a little girls play dress. I love the ribbon flower idea though, try a more trendy ribbon.

  10. Haha, that’s true! Time to look for trendy robbons

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