Hairless Chewbacca Pancake

I was just trying to be a good mom. I was just trying to provide fun pancake face for my innocent kids. I was just trying to avoid the unhealthy–but standard–chocolate chip decorations, and instead opted for wholesome pecans. I didn’t know pecans would be responsible for the scariest pancake I have ever seen.

The Virgin Mary this ain’t.

An observer called it a “hairless Wookiee pancake.”

A word to all good moms out there. Use chocolate chips in your pancakes. For the love of Chewbacca.

p.s. I guess I have a thing for Chewbacca fails.
p.p.s. How come I have twenty times more CraftFails than you guys do?

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23 Responses to Hairless Chewbacca Pancake

  1. Anna says:

    Don’t feel bad about serving your kids chocolate chips, chocolate is full of antioxidants!

    Love your blog, it makes me feel better that I am not the only one with craft projects that I hide from everyone! Thanks!
    .-= Anna´s last blog ..How Does My Garden Grow… cont’d =-.

  2. Maya says:

    This reminds me of one of those hairless men with the magnetic lead that you put the hair on. Very Hilarious! Was it at least still edible?

    P.S- You don’t have more craft fails… your just more willing to share ;P
    .-= Maya´s last blog ..Movement =-.

  3. I think it’s winking at me…
    Your efforts to be healthy are commendable, and I bet it tasted a lot better than it looked. Most foods do, right?

    And don’t you worry about us sharing our craftfails. I just need to get someone to wear the scary duct tape hat that I made and I’ll post it. But no takers so far. It’s really bad!
    .-= CraftyRichela´s last blog ..Mouth-Watering Macaroni N Cheese =-.

  4. Tammy says:

    I’m sitting here squinting, looking at it. I think it looks like a Mr. Men character. Little arms and legs there, see it?

    I’m always sneaking things into pancakes – wheat germ, flax, something … but when they get too dark, everyone gets suspicious. Pecans sound good, and in my book – if it’s still edible, it’s not a fail.

    I’ll second that idea that you’re more willing to share – I have piles of craft fails all around!
    .-= Tammy´s last blog ..Gardening & Seed Starting 2010 =-.

  5. Melissa says:

    Seriously though, the pecan mouth (lips) totally funny. :D
    p.s. There is always frozen blueberries!
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..My Creative Space – A New Blog Look =-.

  6. Amanda says:

    You definitely don’t have more than me. Mine just aren’t that funny a grand majority of the time. Plus I forget to take pictures half of the time! You shoulda seen my sugar cookies last week! WOW. Talk about FAIL.

  7. I wonder how banana slices would work? Or a peach slice smile?

    And don’t feel bad, you must really be more brave and try more, cuz as Einstein said:

    “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

    Way to go to keep trying!

  8. val says:

    haha! that is the funniest pancake ever! BTW, we all have fails, we just don’t belong to this blog…maybe some of us (namely me) should join!!!!

  9. nihil says:

    Call it a “Mr. Pancakehead” and call it a win????

  10. Amanda says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That is hilarious. The smile is so…not smiley.

  11. merideth says:

    oh, lord, i can’t see to type b/c i am laughing so hard my cheeksare pushing my eyes closed – the tears are barely squeeing out. i almost peed my pants!

  12. holly says:

    james said this “looks like some kind of leather fetish mask or something… you know, with a zippered mouth” HAHAHAHAHA! definitely going to have nightmares!

  13. Danielle says:

    Chop the pecans. We do that in our pancakes all the time. Or make a smiley face out of different fruits and cool whip. That way it’s healthy stuff AND your kid loves the face.

  14. dina says:

    omg – i just stumbled onto this site from makeandtakes and i am laughing so hard – i love it! the pancake post kills me. You have a new fan.

  15. chidori says:

    This post was a total hit with me and my son. He couldn’t stop laughing, so thanks for that! However, we both agree that scary as this pancake is, it’s an AWESOME C-3PO! So, in that sense, you didn’t fail! W00T!
    .-= chidori´s last blog ..Book Review: Edging with Beads … Vol. 1 =-.

  16. Su says:

    Seriously funny! Good thing I wasn’t drinking coffee, or else it would be all over my screen.

  17. Tammie says:

    Your going to think I’m sick but that looks like Leather Face in the Texas Chainsaw movie. Thanks for sharing.

  18. nanaboo says:

    I think its so cute! lol…thanks for sharing with us!

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  20. ps-fishy says:

    Oh my goodness! It is soooo funny, I can’t stop laughing!!!! Almost all my attempts at fun food turns out odd, but this one takes the cake! LOL, can’t stop laughing.

    I am a newbie at crafting just found this site, oh I think it is great, it makes me wonder if everyone produces shiny, pretty crafts and food. You have one huge fan and a major competitor at failed crafting! Wait and see.

  21. Ok, this is going to sound complicated, but he looks like what could be a friendly cell or bacteria character in an educational film. “Hey kids, always remember to wash your hands after handling animals!”

  22. Amy says:

    Oh my gosh. Your website is the best thing I’ve found in a long time. Laughed so hard I cried. We love it!!!!!!
    You can check out my website if you want, had to privatize the real website due to a scary fan.
    But whatever.

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