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Pirate Gingham Reverse Applique Embroidery Fail

This was supposed to be the pocket of a tote bag. Let’s count the wrong turns.

1. Start out with super cheapo $1/yard fabric from Wal-mart. Never a win. (If you don’t agree, check the puckering in the photo below). Add busy pink whale fabric.

2. I tried to do a spraypaint stencil on the pink gingham. Spraypaint is stinky and has a rough feel on fabric. It also gave uneven coverage that totally doesn’t work for gingham.

3. When the stencil failed, I went with reverse applique. I would cut the stencil part off to reveal a very punk rock black & white gingham.

4. Not very punk rock.

5. Maybe adding additional embellishments will make it look better.

  • Add a black & white gingham ruffle. Too bad my sewing machine barely sews.
  • Cover uneven ruffle stitching with some white twill tape. Too bad my sewing machine barely sews.
  • Add a recycled whale belt key holder clip. Outlook has not improved.
  • Add some yarn embroidery. X’s are cute, but don’t help this mess of a project.
  • Add a lot more random yarn embroidery.
  • Add some sewing machine embroidery. Too bad my sewing machine barely sews.

Arrgh, indeed, my friend. Arrgh indeed.

Pirate fails arrrgh us. – Heather

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