Pirate Gingham Reverse Applique Embroidery Fail

This was supposed to be the pocket of a tote bag. Let’s count the wrong turns.

1. Start out with super cheapo $1/yard fabric from Wal-mart. Never a win. (If you don’t agree, check the puckering in the photo below). Add busy pink whale fabric.

2. I tried to do a spraypaint stencil on the pink gingham. Spraypaint is stinky and has a rough feel on fabric. It also gave uneven coverage that totally doesn’t work for gingham.

3. When the stencil failed, I went with reverse applique. I would cut the stencil part off to reveal a very punk rock black & white gingham.

4. Not very punk rock.

5. Maybe adding additional embellishments will make it look better.

  • Add a black & white gingham ruffle. Too bad my sewing machine barely sews.
  • Cover uneven ruffle stitching with some white twill tape. Too bad my sewing machine barely sews.
  • Add a recycled whale belt key holder clip. Outlook has not improved.
  • Add some yarn embroidery. X’s are cute, but don’t help this mess of a project.
  • Add a lot more random yarn embroidery.
  • Add some sewing machine embroidery. Too bad my sewing machine barely sews.

Arrgh, indeed, my friend. Arrgh indeed.

Pirate fails arrrgh us. – Heather

12 Responses to Pirate Gingham Reverse Applique Embroidery Fail

  1. Leslie says:

    Oh dear and me the Fiber Pirate should love this, but…
    .-= Leslie´s last blog ..#91 of 365 – Big Sky or Big Pile O’Yarn =-.

  2. TexasWren says:

    I love this blog!! Sometimes, I get completely overwhelmed at all of the beautiful things I see online. Today was a really bad day–I’m moving my sewing into its very own room (Yea!!!), which required going through each and every box and bin that I’ve studiously ignored for ages. Most were full of Fails that “I’m going to go back and re-do”. Yeah. Right. Some things aren’t meant to be preserved!!! I feel much happier seeing that I”m not alone.

    FYI, the $1 WM fabric is also impossible to find a straight of grain. There just isn’t one. I have no idea how they managed that!!! ;-)
    .-= TexasWren´s last blog ..TGT and TBT =-.

  3. Denise says:

    I dunno.. I kinda like it!

  4. Maggie says:

    I admire your will to carry on…I would have given up at the failed stencil.
    .-= Maggie´s last blog ..Beautiful Fold-Over Clutch …Sandi Henderson -Farmer’s Market Dahlia- =-.

  5. Haley says:

    Oh my. It’s one of those situations where the little voice says, “You should stop. This isn’t working.” And you say, “Whatever! It’ll be beautiful with MORE STUFF!”

    We should listen to the little voice.
    .-= Haley´s last blog ..Mondays =-.

  6. Jeri says:

    Have to give you credit that you didn’t stop.
    .-= Jeri´s last blog ..My new thang’, beaded bracelets =-.

  7. val says:

    you were like the energizer bunny with this one! I’ve done the same thing though and must give you kudos for your positive outlook.

  8. Julie says:

    I totally agree with Jeri, I give you major props for not stopping. Hope you at least got a great laugh out of your fail!
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..Sling made from Scratch =-.

  9. Fanboy Wife says:

    There, there, matey, it’s okay.
    .-= Fanboy Wife´s last blog ..Gigantic =-.

  10. lisa says:

    That’s crazy funny. My friend has a wacky gift exchange at her Christmas party every year. That totebag would be the hit of the party. :)

  11. Kite says:

    I actually kinda like it – would look like it’d fit in Harajuku!

  12. Laura says:

    I LOL’d until I cried. Too bad my sewing machine barely sews.

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