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Pendleton Wool Fail

I live near the Pendleton Woolen Mill outlet, where you can get fabulous offcuts of wool fabric and blankets for super cheap. I picked up some pretty blanket leaders that are about 14″ wide. My intention was to make them into throw pillow covers. A few weeks ago, I was reupholstering some chairs, and I thought the Pendleton offcuts would work for seat cover fabric (I would have to sew two pieces together to make it wide enough, but no biggie). I went into the garage to get the fabric, and horrors! the mice had been recent visitors to the fabric and it smelled terrible.

I’m too impatient to wait for a washing machine and hang dry session to finish my chair project, so I went another direction for the seat covers. It was probably a good thing, too, because check out the spaghetti monster that awaited when I pulled the fabric out of the washer!

Now I’m the proud owner of clean Pendleton blanket offcuts (several inches narrower), and handfuls of beautiful tangled wool string. If I knew how to spin, this would be super fun to transform into new yarn. But I don’t.

Heather from DSC

2 Responses to Pendleton Wool Fail

  1. Perry says:

    Hang it on a wall and call it fiber art. ;)

  2. sue says:

    cut the strings so they won’t be too long to trap the birds, and put it out for nesting supplies. Just think what fashionable nests the babies will grow up in.
    As far as the importance of length: I heard a sad tale of a bird that got tethered to a tree and eventually died, because a long string had gotten tangled to his foot. So cut them small, but in a crotch of a tree or some place the birdies frequent, and watch them recycle for you.

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