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FAILFELT: the teeny tiny skully cap

We got our very first craftfail submission via the new form! Yay!

From: Amy T.

Message Body:
Long, long ago, I bought neon pink and neon green yarn thinking, “This will make a great robot hat!”  Several months later when I had finally finished all necessary knitting projects before I could devote time to it, I decided instead to make it a skull and crossbones hat.  The pattern was a mish-mash between the pattern for the felted “God Save the Queen” hat in “Pretty in Punk” and the skull and crossbones fair isle pattern featured in “Son of Stitch ‘n Bitch”.  I had successfully knit and felted two hats previously using the same kind of yarn with the “God Save the Queen” hat as a basis, so of course this one would be no problem at all, right?  Wrong.  I’m no good at fair isle and my first attempt at knitting it was too small to even fit on my head prior to felting.  So I frogged and started again.  I thought I had something and instead of doing the logical cautious move of felting by hand, I machine-felted (the method I had successfully used with two other hats).  The results were a hat that no human could wear.  Hopefully neon skully hat mk III will be a success.

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