mo’saic, mo’ problems…

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i was at a thrift store when i spotted a cute little ceramic tile with that bird design on it. it was adorable! the style, the colours. totally me.

one problem: the tile was glued down to a very ugly cheeseboard.

i started with a beautiful tile i found at the thrift store, which broke into many bitty pieces when i brought it home. saddened, i decided to try and save it by making a mosaic out of the pieces, and that only made matters worse…

like i said, some ideas are just doomed from the start.

lesson learned? just use the cheese platter next time, as is, or put it back.

well. maybe… unless! does anyone know how to make a mosaic out of a broken mosaic? or is that another one of those ideas that is better left alone? my creative cortex has been known to misfire…

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Thanks for sharing, Ana! Everyone else, submit your craft fails here.

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