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The Easy Way Key Fob = Fail

From: Madigan
My website:

Last week on my blog, I shared an easy beaded key fob idea. Well, I have a word of warning.

They are not that sturdy.
But before I go on, you must meet the most uncoordinated woman I know. Yep, it’s me!

This week I tripped and fell as I was getting into my car. (I know! How do you do that?!?)
To brace my fall, I put my hand out.
With my keys.
In my hand.
Into the steering wheel.
There was a loud crack and a shower of pretty beads sprayed around the car.
So – that “easy” way to finish the string of beads with just a crimp bead?
It may be easy, but not durable.
Of course, I figured this out after I had made a bunch of fun key fobs! Darn!

Read more about this fail at my blog!

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