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It’s almost a Double Rainbow Jello Fail (so intense!)

inspiration rainbow jello

NOT a craftfail: the rainbow jello inspiration

(inspiration image from Tweety69Bird)

From: Sarah
My website:
Well, I saw someone make rainbow jello once, and it turned out SO CUTE! So I searched online for a recipe, and there were so many different variations, that I just picked two that sounded the best to me, and attempted to incorporate both techniques.

I think I bought the large jello boxes, and mixed one half the regular way, and the other half with condensed milk. I would let one layer chill for about an hour, and pour the next. Well after an ENTIRE day of boiling, mixing, pouring, waiting, I let it chill over night.

When I woke up in the morning, I excitedly ran to the kitchen and pulled it out of the fridge. I pulled up my antique cake plate, flipped the bunt pan upside down and shook it. The jello flopped out of the pan, a few layers at a time, and hung limply off the edge of the platter.

I’m not sure what happened, but it was gross, and mushy, and not the clean solid look I was going for. Eventually it started to fall off the platter so I just dumped the entire thing into a bowl, and snapped a few pictures from my cell phone! (hence the bad quality pics, sorry!) I even tried to eat it, but it was so gross looking, I just ended up throwing it out. The first picture is the one from the website, and the other two are my disaster! Enjoy!

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