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Bee-youtiful costume fail

by Dottie at Modern Kiddo

I was so innocent at the beginning. I came up with the sweetest idea. How about a widdle bumble bee Halloween costume?  Surely, I could pull that off. I used to work in the costume shop for my college’s theater department. I’ve owned my own sewing machine for 30 years!  I would just make a cute little A-line jumper made of warm black and yellow  felt that will keep her cozy and match it with a hand knit hat. Perfect, right?

Except I used a dull old rotary cutter to cut the strips of yellow, so it looks like I was drunk when I cut them…

  • And I forgot to match the edges, so the stripes were off..
  • And then I  tried to fix the too wide stripes after I sewed it together by adding more not straight stripes with glue…
  • And since  felt and glue aren’t best friends, the additional stripes kept falling off…
  • And, OK, maybe I used some staples to hold the stupid stripes in place…
  • And the knit hat was too big, so I decreased and accidentally made it too small..
  • And I forgot to buy pipe cleaners to get the antenna straight…
  • And I ran out of time to make yellow tulle wings…
  • And I… well….  Here you go.

Part bumble bee/part hobo and 100 percent CRAFT FAIL.

Find out more and see more pics at Modern Kiddo

3 Responses to Bee-youtiful costume fail

  1. Alix says:

    haha. YAY HEATHER!! Thanks so much for sharing Dottie’s cute story….if it’s any consolation to her, she is 10x more crafty than me. And this year she did a bang up job on a cute little gnome outfit!

  2. Carol the Long Winded says:

    I made this very same costume this year!

  3. Erikah says:

    Haha, I think it has charm :)
    And your writing made it all the more better!

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