Festival of Ugly Menorahs: Crimes against Jewmanity

Okay, so I posted this menorah in earnest on my blog a couple years ago. And this year, someone named it a “crime against Jewmanity.” Yeah, it’s kind of a craftfail.

Lemme give you the backstory: I was writing one of my first assignments for a kids’ craft site, and the holidays were rolling around, and I wanted to create a Hanukkah craft. Since I had toddlers, I wanted to make a menorah that was kid-friendly because I knew I wouldn’t let my 2 year-old anywhere NEAR open flames, tradition or not. This was supposed to be a touchable menorah that kiddos could play with.

Anything with lemon yellow pipecleaners is automatically kind of a craftfail (if you take it out of the context of a kids’ craft site!)

What you can’t see in the photo is that the base of the menorah is made from a recycled (kosher) macaroni box. How’s that for tackfastic?

(proudly craftfailed by Heather)

2 Responses to Festival of Ugly Menorahs: Crimes against Jewmanity

  1. Amanda says:

    Its the thought that counts! Love all the fails- story of my life when it comes to crafts!

  2. Ashley says:

    OMG… can I send you a “Crimes Against Jewmanity” follow-up?? Well I’d actually have to remake it since I threw it out but it wouldn’t be hard to recreate the crime scene. See my three-year old goes to a Jewish preschool and he came home with the mist HIDEOUS excuse for a mezuzah I’ve ever seen. Picture this: matchbook stuck on a tongue depressor… all painted green. Now the green part was my son’s doing but the rest… CRIMINAL. And of course I had to hang it up until it “fell off and broke” while he was at school one day. I know, I know… mother of the year… I did save it in his art box so we can all have a good laugh when he’s 15.

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