Great Expectations

not a fail! this is awesome!

The inspiration from Michele Made Me

From: Kati
Subject: Ornament Fail

Message Body:
I intended to make a wreath ornament like the photo above, a project I found on Michele Made Me.

The outcome is this:

I guess I shouldn’t have had such high expectations from a toilet paper tube.

8 Responses to Great Expectations

  1. Callipygian says:

    If you set your toilet paper tube expectations too low, it’ll just live down to them knowing that you expect failure. I fully support unbridled toilet paper tube optimism.

  2. Pika says:

    You know… I’ve noticed that different qualities of TP have different qualities of tubes. Maybe a different brand would yield a different result?

  3. mine did the same thing. painted it, added some subtle glitter. apparently glitter does not fix everything!

  4. Jeri says:

    That is just too funny!

  5. Barb says:

    You are my kind of crafter! My latest hand made Santa looks like he has stuck his finger in a power socket – beard and hair will not sit down!

  6. R says:

    Hmmm…had no problems! I just had to look at the directions pretty carefully but mine came out like the picture!

  7. MightySprout says:

    …Maybe thinner slices next time?

  8. You wouldn’t believe the fails I have when I make my collages. Sometimes, when I don’t look at the pictures that I cut out from magazines carefully, but focus only on their color, I tend to make the weirdest combinations. Fish with cat’s tails and stuff like that.

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