Have Yourself a Soggy Salt Dough Christmas

by Heather, Dollar Store Crafts

Aww, look at that poor little soggy salt dough man laying in a pile of dry pine needles. Just this week I posted a tutorial for making these little salt dough guys over at Infarrantly Creative, and although I stand by the tutorial and it’s awesome simplicity, I would add ONE little piece of information. When storing salt dough ornaments, put them in a zip-top bag. And save some of those “do NOT eat” silica gel packets that come with some items you buy at the store to put in your zippy bag with your salt dough ornaments.

This guy died of Pacific Northwest moisture! I was shocked to find brown mush in a box of Christmas ornaments I unpacked from the garage.

I ALMOST forgot to take pictures of this craftfail. Yes, even the owner of the site has a hard time remembering that one MUST document craftfails for the edification of all craftfailers on the internet. Learn from my near-mistake! Have your camera ready whenever something doesn’t turn out the way you planned… and email it to me for everyone to laugh at!

2 Responses to Have Yourself a Soggy Salt Dough Christmas

  1. Tabitha says:

    Thanks for the zip top bag and silica gel tip. I made a bunch last year that softened up, but didn’t get completely mushy. They had been stored out in the shed. I crossed my fingers and set them out to air dry again, even though they had been sealed. They hardened back up and are as good as new. :-)

  2. Cindy d says:

    Aw, poor guy! He’s so cute! Definitely not a CraftFail, just a storage fail. Good tip!

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