Smell the Bacon Rainbow

by Mark at Frugal Family Fun
Mark here. With this project, my wife and daughter were attempting to make a “Scratch-n-Sniff” rainbow for St. Patrick’s Day. Here is how NOT to do it.

Step One: Paint a canvas with water…

Step Two: Sprinkle some red unsweetened powdered drink mix on top.

Step Three: Repeat with all of the colors of the rainbow

Step Four: Make some (hideous) Bacon????? Emily got a big kick out of this.
Wow. That was awful, and you should feel bad for making it. This is seriously the saddest rainbow I have ever seen. It goes “blood red, bright red, burnt red, toilet stain (if you are generous) and cajun”.
Does it smell nice? No. It smells like some sort of mutant fruit. Not a good mutant fruit either. (I’m looking at you, Grapple!)
My suggestion? Try to recycle it. However, even the recycling company will not take it, and it will be left at the curb for animals to peck at and get sick. Forget this! Let’s go play Invisible Basketball instead!

2 Responses to Smell the Bacon Rainbow

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  2. tina mcgraw says:

    hillarious!! you totally cracked me up! i dont think its that bad…

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