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A Soapy Error of Phallic Proportions

From: Regina
My website:

puffy paint soap

I was working on my recipe for bathtub puffy paint and thought if I let the soapy paint dry in a mold it would harden up and could also be used like a bathtub crayon.

It was close to Valentine’s Day so I took some of the pink foamy paint and put it in heart shaped molds to dry. When I popped them out of the mold a day later, they were still too soft. Thinking heat would speed things up, I stuck them in the oven on 200 for a few minutes. Huge mistake.

The hearts morphed into a part of Cupid’s anatomy that is usually covered up by a fig leaf. My husband was in tears when he saw these.

cupid's anatomy failed heart crayons

Total craft fail. And if you were wondering, yes, I did grab hold and try them as crayons but they crumbled to bits. I’m sticking to the paint.

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