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In the Sling of Things

A few months ago, my daughter’s teacher was in an accident and shattered her arm. She asked if I thought I could make her a sling since she was tired of the black and blue ones. She said she liked Hello Kitty, so I went and found Hello Kitty fabric. Let me say… I have never made my own pattern. I was a bit terrified, but agreed since I knew I could do it, it would just take trial and error.

I did great on the sling part, but this little piece was going to be the death of me. This piece is what slides up or down on the sling to protect your neck from getting a burn on it.

On the first attempt as you can see, it didn’t turn out so hot. I tried to follow the piece from the sling she gave me so that I could make a pattern. I made my own pattern and added room for seam allowances and to get it over the strap…

handmade sling

Not only was it not big enough. As you can tell from this side of the piece easily that the thing was bigger on one side than it was on the other. Also, I did the fabrics backwards because the hello kitty fabric was supposed to be what was showing on the top, and the way it had been done was showing on the bottom. Lets just say, I have had better days of sewing.

handmade sling

So what did I do? I scrapped the first one where I had tried to copy the pattern and made my own pattern. no curves on the edges, but really… it wasn’t necessary anyways. So this is the final product. Turned out much better than expected.

handmade sling

To see the full sling for the pattern I made from scratch go here and you will see the whole thing. It really did turn out good and Angie LOVED it!

2 Responses to In the Sling of Things

  1. Kristy says:

    I like the Hello Kitty sling :D I think its a good idea to buy a Hello Kitty cloth and make it a pajamas and apron too :D Its a good idea :D I am so excited about that :D

  2. Kim Kasch says:

    Pattern…? what’s that? No wonder I have so many epic fails ;D

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