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Recycled Plastic Cup Washer Necklace Fail

washer charm

by Tristin at Two Girls Being Crafty

Inspiration project: Recycled Plastic Cup Washer Necklace at Dollar Store Crafts

I tried making a recycled plastic washer necklace twice today–once in my convection oven and once in my traditional oven. Both times, I had issues with the plastic curling under instead of just “melting”. The cups I used were #6, but they’re cheapies from the dollar store. I think in this case, going cheap caused a fail. Just knowing how Solo cups feel heavier duty than the dollar store ones, I think they’d melt more evenly because they have better weight. Anyhoo–I picked up some Solo plastic cups and gave it another go. I was determined to make this work–because even my flops looked awesome!

recycled plastic washer charm fail

It seems the clear plastic dollar store variety did not do the trick!

washer charm comparison

But, I’m happy to report that Solo brand cups worked like a charm (how ’bout that pun?!) Check out the comparison here. Fail on the left, success on the right.

The clear #6 dollar store cups I had on hand melted in a fashion that suggested they couldn’t bear their own weight… but the Solo cups melted beautifully and flattening them with the cup made them perfect.

What was a flop yesterday is a success today!

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