Tutorial: How to make temporary hobo gloves

At Dollar Store Crafts, we like to take seemingly ordinary objects and transform them into different things. Take this knit orange and red scarf for example. It’s constructed as a tube, so if you cut the seams at the ends off, you have a long tube of knit fabric. We’ve done some very successful crafts with deconstructed scarves, like using a scarf as sleeves on a reconned baby hoodie, or turning scarves into baby legwarmers.

I had half a scarf left after a project, and I thought I could quickly snip them into fingerless gloves (also called “ninja mitts” by Leethal, who I learned this technique from). Turns out you can make fingerless gloves from knit scarves, but they don’t last long, as the knit unravels pretty quickly under stress.

Whatcha Need:

  • a tubular scarf
  • scissors

Make It:

  1. Snip off 12″ of a tubular knit scarf. Be sure to remove end seam, if there is one, so you can get your arm in the tube.
  2. Cut a TINY slit about 2″ from one end. The slit should be about 1/4″. You can always snip more, but you can never go back once you’ve snipped, so be conservative.
  3. Stick your arm in the tube, your thumb in the hole.
  4. Rock your hobo gloves until they completely unravel, because they’re knit and that’s what knits do when you put holes in them.

Avoiding a Craftfail:

  • Use a much tighter knit (like a sock)
  • Finish holes with some kind of stitching or maybe Fray Check.
  • Don’t worry about it, because you can get like 6 gloves from one dollar store scarf. Just keep making them as needed.

One Response to Tutorial: How to make temporary hobo gloves

  1. Catalina says:

    I don’t think this is fail at all, its rather cute!

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