Yarns to avoid: Pond Scum Aloe

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Subject: Beginner’s luck!

crochet ugly yarn craft fail
Oh goodness. This was my first-ever, completely over-ambitious try at crocheting. Being the super-crafty-chick in the household, I’ve been known to do everything from painting and drawing, to sewing and sculpting! But needle-crafts, i had yet to touch — and with nobody around to teach me (the only girl i knew lived half a state away! I resorted to good ol’ Youtube!

Things started out simple enough — Cast on — easy! Chain stitch — done! Turn it around and single crochet over that, then turn and do half-double crochet, then switch to double crochet, and then finally TRIPLE crochet!

Er…. o.O k..

Y-eah. Suffice it to say, it didn’t quite turn out. but i tried!

That poor yarn (which i had officially dubbed “pond scum”) has been pulled out and re-crocheted into so many different projects i feel sorry for it! (I had originally bought it because in the store, it looks GREAT — and it had Aloe! oooooh.. soft! but upon bringing it home, i realized it looks like something we’d skim off the top of our pool…)

The poor thing has been a total of two scarves, (neither of which was pretty..) an octopus, a purse, and finally, a hat!

I’m’ glad to say however, that the hat is NOT a fail and was actually given to my aunt as a birthday present ;-)

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  2. WitchArachne says:

    I actually quite like that colour.
    The instructions for the scarf just exploded my brain though.

  3. val says:

    pond scum was the perfect color for your octopus too!

  4. Maria says:

    That octopus is brilliant! I have to make one for my cats!

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