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Easter Egg Wreath Fail

From: Madigan
My website:

I wanted to make a cute wreath for Easter covered in tiny little eggs and then paint the whole thing white.
I found these small malted milk ball eggs and thought they could work.
What was I thinking? Needless to say, my hot glue glue and CHOCOLATE candy did not mix! It was a hot, sticky mess!


WHY did I think making a wreath out of malted milk balls would be a good idea?

A. I had a minor lapse in crafter’s judgement.

B. I was too distracted by the fact that I gave up candy/sweets for Lent that the thought of just touching candy was exciting. (Side note: I’m only skipping sweets Mon-Fri. I knew I would cheat if I tried to give it up entirely. Considering I used have treats every day…. Mon-Fri has still been a test for me.  But I have a little treat on the weekend. I’m not craving sweets as much, which is good for my health, too!)

C. I have not eaten a malted milk ball in a veeery long time to remember that they are coated in chocolate?  And that chocolate would potentially melt around a heat source, like a glue gun?

D. All of the above

easter egg wreath craftfail

Read more about my craftfail here: Easter Wreath FAIL

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