Easter Egg Wreath Fail

From: Madigan
My website: www.madiganmade.blogspot.com

I wanted to make a cute wreath for Easter covered in tiny little eggs and then paint the whole thing white.
I found these small malted milk ball eggs and thought they could work.
What was I thinking? Needless to say, my hot glue glue and CHOCOLATE candy did not mix! It was a hot, sticky mess!


WHY did I think making a wreath out of malted milk balls would be a good idea?

A. I had a minor lapse in crafter’s judgement.

B. I was too distracted by the fact that I gave up candy/sweets for Lent that the thought of just touching candy was exciting. (Side note: I’m only skipping sweets Mon-Fri. I knew I would cheat if I tried to give it up entirely. Considering I used have treats every day…. Mon-Fri has still been a test for me.  But I have a little treat on the weekend. I’m not craving sweets as much, which is good for my health, too!)

C. I have not eaten a malted milk ball in a veeery long time to remember that they are coated in chocolate?  And that chocolate would potentially melt around a heat source, like a glue gun?

D. All of the above

easter egg wreath craftfail

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4 Responses to Easter Egg Wreath Fail

  1. Craft Lover says:

    This didn’t have to be a fail: you could have used bottle glue instead of a glue gun…

  2. Madigan says:

    Heather: Thanks, again, for featuring this sad project! I hope someone can learn from my mistakes.

  3. Tammy says:

    I read this and now I keep thinking of ways this could NOT fail. A project you can eat! I love this. And, well, melted chocolate has got to dry sometime and stick, wouldn’t it? How to not pass up on all those malt balls lying around? What about coating the wreath with royal icing and sticking them on while wet and letting it all dry and harden? Would it stick? Would it be too heavy to hang? Still good to eat though! (On weekends, of course.)

  4. All you needed was a gingerbread base and royal icing glue! Then it would have been totally edible! Yummmmm!

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