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First Afghan Fail

From: Penelope

I had just started crocheting, and, after doing a single crochet scarf and a double crochet scarf, I thought I could be a hotshot and start on an afghan. The pattern was simple enough–just double crochets and single crochets, shells, and boxes.

The first problem that indicated I should have started over was the shells and boxes weren’t lining up. But, I trucked on.

It seemed like it was getting wider, and wider, and taking longer and longer to do a row, but I attributed it to tension, or perhaps that the stitches hadn’t “settled” yet. I laid it out on the floor and, holy crap, it *was* getting wider, and not because of the yarn or tension. I was adding stitches somewhere. (To this day, I don’t know what caused it, I only have suspicions.)

crocheted afghan fail

The afghan got pretty long, too, maybe three feet long before I decided pull out all the stitches and intend to start over, from the starting chain. I don’t want to waste all that yarn, so I have a hundred little balls of yarn floating around.

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