First Afghan Fail

From: Penelope

I had just started crocheting, and, after doing a single crochet scarf and a double crochet scarf, I thought I could be a hotshot and start on an afghan. The pattern was simple enough–just double crochets and single crochets, shells, and boxes.

The first problem that indicated I should have started over was the shells and boxes weren’t lining up. But, I trucked on.

It seemed like it was getting wider, and wider, and taking longer and longer to do a row, but I attributed it to tension, or perhaps that the stitches hadn’t “settled” yet. I laid it out on the floor and, holy crap, it *was* getting wider, and not because of the yarn or tension. I was adding stitches somewhere. (To this day, I don’t know what caused it, I only have suspicions.)

crocheted afghan fail

The afghan got pretty long, too, maybe three feet long before I decided pull out all the stitches and intend to start over, from the starting chain. I don’t want to waste all that yarn, so I have a hundred little balls of yarn floating around.

3 Responses to First Afghan Fail

  1. Sam says:

    Don’t give up on crochet :) Your problem is probably the turning chain–you need to skip the first stitch (or the first two or three stitches, depending on your pattern) of each row. Otherwise, the thing will grow by one stitch (at least) each row…..I learned this the hard way! Until you get used to it, count your stitches every few rows to make sure it isn’t growing :)

    Hope you have more fun with the next one!

  2. meghann says:

    What Sam said – I was about to suggest the same thing. It’s a pretty common beginner’s mistake, I think – I did the same thing when I was starting out. :)

  3. Sure it was first afghan fail, but first lap blanket SUCCESS!

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