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Nylon Baby Doll Fail

From: Catalina
My website: Up the hill, both ways

I found this adorable tutorial on making dolls out of nylons stockings. The lady was quite good, and she made it look so simple!

nylon baby dolls
inspiration dolls – click photo for original project

Check these babies out!

So, after finding some rudimentary nylon colors at the local Walmart, I set out to try it. Now, the master claimed that it takes her about 30-40 minutes to make them (Unless I mis-read – I had to have the original Russian instructions translated online!). After two hours, my first creation emerged.

nylon doll fail

She is…well..memorable, for the lack of better word. I truly hope that my poor deformed spud-Goblin doesn’t give anyone nightmares.

nylon doll fail

Feeling ambitious (and having another nylon sock left), I also made a toy (an albino rodent with malformed limbs and disproportionately large butt) for my Gio. He seems to like it :)

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