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Epic DIY Screenprinting Craft Fail

From: Geeky Sweetheart
My website:

craft fail diy screenprinting

So I’d read on the internet that you can screenprint with tights and an embroidery hoop… and being that I own lots of tights and lots of embroidery hoops I thought it was worth having a go…

I got my equipment together, I even got an array of different types of brushes so I could apply the PVA more accurately!… anyone who’s done this before will already see my 2 fatal flaws:

  1. Black tights… I only wear opaque tights… and most of them are black. But of course, when it came to trace my design on my screen made of stretched -black- tights… well.. I couldn’t! they are black!
  2. Cheap PVA glue. I think this was the MAJOR downfall here as I did manage to get the design sorta right… anyhow… .let’s continue…

I prepared my fabric for printing, weighed it down with Tuna tins (mmm)

One last look at the screen… looks good:

diy screenprinting craft fail

I’m ready to go. So lets try it out on some scrap fabric first… oh… oh… .OH NO…

That’s not right at all…. OH MY GOD ITS GONE RIGHT THROUGH!!!

craft fail diy screenprinting

AND IT’S EVEN WORSE THAN THAT!!! (cough the fabric paint went right through to the dining room table underneath!)

diy screenprinting craftfail


(don’t worry.. it all came off…. well… it all came off the dining table… the fabric still has a stain in the¬† middle of it even after I chucked it in the washing machine…. but I can’t really complain about that science the purpose of fabric ink IS to stain fabrics….)

MORAL OF THE STORY KIDS!! use mod-podge or some other super gloopy PVA glue… well… Thats what I’m going to try next anyhow… with me luck!!!

check out the full post here: geeky sweetheart.

5 Responses to Epic DIY Screenprinting Craft Fail

  1. val says:

    I wouldn’t have been brave enough to try it at all so you get points for that…..and MAJOR points for getting it off the dining room table!!!!!

  2. HAHA…. omg, no dining room tables were harmed in the making of this fail :-)
    thankfully quick thinking and quicker application of cleaning products saved the day :-)

    Will certainly be thinking long and hard before trying again, thankfully I’ve managed to aquire some freezer paper (not easy to get hold of in th UK) which not only works as a great media to make stencils from, but also works quite well as a worksurface protector!! WIN!

  3. craft medley says:

    Oh no! Well at least you were a good sport about it, I doubt I would have handled it as well hahaha

    xoxo Maria

  4. tamdoll says:

    Oh boy. I have bookmarked this kind of screen printing to try one day also. Thanks for the tip! Good thing you got that cleaned up.. I’ve had many craft projects that have permanently ruined one piece of furniture or another…

  5. Gabrielle says:

    Before I ever heard of freezer paper, I tried this technique too. After some experimenting, I found that a very fine screen (like bug screen) worked best. I also mixed my mod podge with red paint. It made finding little holes and areas that needed to be retouched easy. The only advantage of this method over freezer paper is if you want to make multiple copies. If I was making a one-off print, I would go with freezer paper next time!

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