Like a Resin in the Sun Jewelry

From: Faith T
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I design jewelry of all kinds, but lately I’ve been working a lot with candy and resin. I had a really cute idea to make fishbowls for keychains and necklaces, so I used Nerds as aquarium rocks! Then I thought it would be fun to add glitter to one of them, except instead of my dry glitter I decided to give my glitter glue a shot this time.

resin jewelry fail

As you can see, it did not turn out so well. And by the way, the smell of melted Nerds, resin, and glitter glue is pretty foul! The fishbowl without the glitter turned out really cute though.

4 Responses to Like a Resin in the Sun Jewelry

  1. Kittyspurseshop says:

    The one that came out is so sweet though!

  2. val says:

    oh, the top one is PRECIOUS!!!

  3. tamdoll says:

    I wish I didn’t know exactly what you’ve experienced. But I do. Resin and I are no longer working together anymore.

  4. meka says:

    i have a deep fear of resin but want to use it so badly to further my crafting is there a super easy version?

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